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Cary, Get Out Your Cane

She slides across an envelope containing... Much more recent pictures, of Mr. Huntley and his girlfriend. The music gets adorable, the wife goes through them, Preston sighs and gives up, and the wife identifies the shirt he's wearing... As one she bought him last week.


Wendy's getting it up the ass from the three most honest judges in Chicago. So when it's time to take the fight back to Elsbeth, she tells Cary, that means it's time to indict Will.


Eli & David Lee: Bitching cross-talk that Diane can barely focus on.
Diane: "Both of you shut up immediately. Eli, you're being a little shit. David Lee, you're not going anywhere so stop bluffing. Nobody but L/G would let you get away with the crap you pull and you know it. And that goes double for you, Eli, so you can wipe that awful puss off your face and go tend your pot of gold. You're only here until it's time for the governor's campaign. Yes?"
Eli: "...Uh..."
Diane: "Yeah. I have your number, both of you. Stop whining, stop pissing and moaning, and stop threatening me."
David Lee: "Fine, I'm going back to work."
Diane: "Good. Eli?"

She quirks an eyebrow, and he skulks off too. It's amazing. You gotta think real hard about how to play a scene like that -- battleax vs. entitled little boys is a thing that could blow up in your face from any direction -- but between the acting, the writing and the arc that lead up to it, plus the relief of having another intra-L/G war again so soon defused, more than makes up for it. It's not about making the woman powerful at the expense of the male characters any more than the one thousand torments of Alicia Florrick are about making her less-than as a woman: It's simply three equals, two of whom have personality disorders, getting the very best Diane has to offer on one of the most amazing days of her life.

Which is, of course, why the Aussie shows up, just as those naughty boys are leaving: Because today she earned it.

And if he's also carrying Will's grand jury indictment when he arrives, well, that's pretty cute too. Even if Will doesn't quite understand that part.


Noted American piefucker and client-protecting attorney Jason Biggs incurs the wrath... Of a returning Bob Balaban! Sweeeeet. Balaban, check. Elsbeth, check. (Bitcoin episode, who isn't looking forward to a Bitcoin episode, am I right? Nothing funnier than this show talking about the internet in a way CBS viewers can understand and additionally makes zero sense whatsoever.) Everything's comin' up Jacob. Guess that means Finn's just a Janterm away, right? No? Can I at least get some Mamie Gummer up in here? I'm willing to negotiate.

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