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Cary, Get Out Your Cane


F. Murray Abraham: "I have brought my particular tics and twitches all the way from Los Angeles! Old people dig me because I say things like, 'It's so cold in Chicago!'"
Alicia: "It's not cold, you're just dying. Take your coat? Apparently I'm the new receptionist, since you're the third person they've sent me running after so far."
FMA: "Why do you people enjoy seasons?"
Alicia: "I think it's about ... change?"
FMA: "Monstrous!"
Alicia: "Who the fuck are you?"


April: "My ex-husband is such a turd. This is absolutely the first I'm hearing about this lawsuit for sure, no takebacks."
(Alicia squires FMA to Diane's office, past Will's window.)
Will: "Aw, jeez. Why is your ex using this amazing LA lawyer?"
April: "Probably because he wants in on the $44 mil."
Will: "...Hey April? How did you know your ex-husband was suing for $44M?"
April: "Shit! Um, I mean, uh, I'm sorry, who is this? Is somebody there? Hello?"


FMA: "Ms. Lockhart, it's crazy how I always see you during the winter."
Diane: "Next time, fly us out to LA. Haha! This is our footman, David Lee."
Alicia: "I'm getting creeped out."
FMA: "David Lee? You're the one that got control of all my client's companies..."
David Lee: "Uh, I think that would be his ex-wi..."
Will, arriving: "-- David Lee, stop! They have her! April is on their side!"
FMA: "Yep. They're reconciled. And now they're mad that you split up his companies once you split up their marriage, and helped her sell. Including one company that you sold at a loss and is now worth $44M. Which is how we're playing this."

David Lee, hangdog: "I am the very model of a..."
Diane: "-- Not even your costume is taking the edge of this one. Turn around so I can see your butt in those hilarious tights again."


Eli ignores the L/G partners while they scream at each other. David Lee is back wearing clothes, having gotten most of the makeup off. Julius still works at this law firm even though we never see him.

David Lee: "I am not going to sit here getting yelled at by... Sorry..."
Julius: "Julius! My name is Julius! I work at this law firm!"
Diane, shouting: "This is an intentional tort, can't be covered on the firm's insurance. We're all on the hook for $1.2M."
Eli: "The fuck you say? I'm listening now."
Diane: "Equity partners share everything. Yeah."
David Lee: "I don't even know that little leprechaun. Who are all these people?"
Eli: "Um, I just signed that equity partnership paperwork like three weeks ago. Are you kidding me with this? I'm on the hook for a million bucks?"
Julius: "Only if we lose, which David Lee is going to do for sure."

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