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Cary, Get Out Your Cane

(Screaming, while Alicia watches from outside.)

Kalinda: "One happy family..."
Alicia: "I'm not even trying to ignore you, it's just Australian Freddy Krueger just walked in."

Alicia: "Receptionist, call security. Australian Freddy Krueger, get out."
AFK: "I'm here to flirt with Diane some more. I brought her a painting."
Alicia: "Yeah, I'm sure it's not an extra-giant, extra-insulting subpoena or something. Leave that so-called painting with the receptionist and get out of here before I beat your ass myself."


Kalinda: "Here we have pictures of him making out with a stripper at a fancy restaurant. But that's not the whole story here."
Diane: "Okay, The Girl With The Paul Harvey Tattoo. What corrupt shit did you pull?"
Kalinda: "You know how David Lee is sort of an awful person? He wanted me to set Huntley up for a DUI, so I got this hooker/stripper to get him drunk, and he got pulled over. And it worked! He lost custody! Go me! Score one for Team Sharma!"

Diane: "You have such lofty goals when you start a law firm. Dreams of fighting injustice, writing wrongs..."
Kalinda: "It is not my fault he slept with her! He was just supposed to get drunk and endanger others! Team Sharma!"
Alicia: "Whore."
Kalinda: "Let's just say David Lee went the extra mile and leave me out of it."
Will: "Would this be in his notes?"
Alicia: "Maybe? He's David Lee. It could be written on the skin of a virgin infant somewhere."
Will & Diane: "Alicia, you're the only one David Lee likes, when he's not cold-cocking you in the face. Kalinda, limit discovery. Find documents. Be spooky."


Diane: "Will. You need a lawyer for this Wendy stuff."
Will: "I'm on it."
(He names a short list; she tenderly approves of them.)
Diane: "Listen, are you doing all right?"
Will: "Yeah. And if it starts on the firm, we'll talk about..."
Diane: "-- This is not anything we will ever have to talk about. We're in this together."
(Equity partners run by, poking each other with sticks.)
Will: "Is it too early to start drinking?"
Diane, sighing: "Two more hours."


Will takes a meeting with this psycho dreamboat and they talk about how the SA is just throwing weight around, and even though grand juries are scary, everything is going to be fine. The psycho-ness outweighs the dreamboat-ness just enough that Will is unsettled.

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