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Cary, Get Out Your Cane


April tells Diane that she's pissed at David Lee for pimping her husband out to a hooker, which Diane thinks is hilarious, and Preston (F. Murray Abraham) wades into the deposition. Diane presents her with their original retainer, and Preston jumps in to point out that she tried to reconcile twice before... That's when David Lee showed her the pictures.

David Lee: "If I'm a shoe salesman and you come to buy shoes, it's not my job to talk you out of it, it's my job to find a good shoe for you."
Preston: "You convinced her twice not to reconcile, though. You wouldn't let her call it off."
David Lee: "Because he was FUCKING a STRIPPER, dude."
Preston: "He says he wasn't."
David Lee: "Oh gee, I had no idea! How could I have been so mistaken..."
Diane: "Note in the record that David Lee is being an ass, please."

David Lee: "I saw something, I said something..."
Preston: "-- Did you hire the stripper?"
David Lee: "Um. I. Fuck you."
Preston: "You realize that perjuring yourself in a deposition is a crime?"
David Lee: "Ask me again."
Preston: "Did you hire the stripper in this photograph?"

David Lee stands up -- to leave? -- just as Rory Gilmore's grandfather is walking into the firm. But ha! David Lee sits down cozily and cutely next to the court reporter and tells her very clearly that he didn't hire the stripper in the picture, that he lost his virginity at 14, that he has a secret crush on Jackie O, didn't cry when the Challenger exploded...


Richard Gilmore -- also a Yale man, a Whiffenpoof if I remember correctly -- is the second of Will's possible attorneys. He is wearing a gold tie and a severely black-trimmed white pocket square, and has kept himself together admirably. His defense would be... Turn evidence and plea out to minimum security and loss of his license? Will looks really sad for a sec and then starts laughing, and Gilmore admits that he is just being weird and cynical. Not sure what the final score is on that, but Will's dark and grim nod that he gives Alicia is pretty worrisome.

Diane: "David Lee, did you hire the stripper or what?"
David Lee: "I told them the truth and saved you $44M."
Diane: "But Kalinda did?"
David Lee: "Grow up and listen to the words I'm saying. Leave it at that. This is a grownup's game."
Diane: "Uh, that's bad news because they're deposing Alicia next and you know girlfriend don't play."

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