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Cary, Get Out Your Cane


Diane: "Oh my God, I got these two drama queens and now you?"
Eli, flouncing about: "I have only begun to get dramatic. Watch as I throw the Partner Agreement down on the desk. Smack! See as I point to a specific clause allowing the firm to limit liability in cases of fraud. Smock! Listen as I remind you that this was a clause specifically demanded by none other than David Lee! Smick!"
Diane: "You are so exhausting. And how do you even know that?"
Eli: "Kalinda told me. We are BFFs now. Deal with it."
Diane: "We aren't throwing anybody under the bus. And don't you throw Kalinda in my face. And don't toss in my face David Lee either. He brought in 30% this year. You know what you brought? Cheese killing children. Waves of barf going up the walls. A pissing contest with Amy Sedaris that eventually had us defining pizza as a fruit and chocolate milk as an engine lubricant. 100% of Santa Claus blowjobs. Thanks, Eli Gold."

Eli: "30% of the profits, 100% of the malpractice. Thanks, David Lee."
Diane: "You are being short-sighted."
Eli: "You are being romantic. You think this is a family."
Diane: "If David Lee came to me to dump you, I would tell him to fuck off too."
(Julius stomps by, having been practically called a very bad word.)
Eli: "How about I bring a majority of equity partners to outvote you on this?"
Diane: "Yeah, you go ahead. What with all these friends you have in the firm besides me."
Eli: "I am going to go make friends."
Diane: "Yeah, you do that. You little fucker."

She practically grins as he stomps out of there, in his little shoes. It is impossible to stay mad at him. And that's when she notices the print dropped off by her Australian suitor, and turns that little grin all the way up to Perfect.


Elsbeth's office looks like the end of Dollhouse. No furniture, just tarps and windows hanging open and pieces of paper drifting around in the breeze.

Elsbeth: "Why hello! Just let me clear these teacups and doilies off that shamrock so you can sit down."
Will: "I'm cool just standing here. In this magical forest where your office is."
Elsbeth: "Shit got pretty crazy last night. It was a full moon."
Will: "Alicia just loves you."
Elsbeth: "She's very nice. What's your story, they think you bribed some judges?"
(A phone rings.)
Elsbeth: "Do you... Hear that?"
Will: "...Yes?"
Elsbeth, into the air: "Fantasia! Someone's calling! Fantasia!"

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