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In Which Everyone's Pretty And Nothing Hurts

Klaus heaves a sigh of relief as he hangs up. At last he'll have family to betray, again. Caroline enters the room, wiping her hands. "I used all your bleach." Klaus stops her and thanks her for helping him. They almost have a moment, but Caroline shakes it off, pokes him in the tummy and says, "If you need anything else, don't call me. I have a prom to plan." As she's heading out, Klaus calls after her. "Friends, then?" Caroline turns back to him. "Are you going to let Tyler come back into town?" Klaus sighs, so Caroline starts off again. Finally, he says, "You might have noticed I'm not exactly scouring the earth for him, am I?" Caroline gives him a hint of a smile and leaves. Klaus grins. We cut to...

Willoughby Diner. Exterior. Before they enter, Damon admits to Stefan that he let Rebekah take the (faux) cure. Given his condition at the time, I think "let" is probably a little bit more blame than is exactly true. She would have been able to fight him off and take it. His face was still smoking. Damon says, "I thought for a second -- literally just a second -- if Rebekah takes this, then all my problems go away. And I couldn't think of one good reason to give it to Elena. And then Rebekah took it, and I realized how badly I screwed up. [...] My point is, I'm sorry. I had a moment of weakness, Stefan. It's my thing. It's like you and I falling for the same girl. It's our thing."

Stefan corrects his brother. "It was our thing." He says they've been making the same mistakes for yonks, just like Katherine does. It has to stop and Stefan is done. "I owe Elena her shot at being normal again. Once we give her the cure, I'm getting her out of my life, and I'm getting a life of my own. Okay?" Damon suggests they get the cure and talk about Stefan's solo ride into the sunset, later. Stefan asks if Damon still wants to get the cure, even if it means he might lose Elena. Damon groans, but then says it's a chance he's willing to take. Stefan says all they have to do is convince Elena. Good luck with that, boys.

Elena's waiting at a booth when the Salvatores arrive. The place is otherwise empty, so the waitress tells them to sit anywhere they'd like. When they join Elena, she's giving them the silent treatment, so they remind her she texted them to meet her there. Finally, Elena says she doesn't want the cure. "You need to know that I never will, and I'm done talking about it, so will you accept that, and let me be who I am or not?" Damon looks at Stefan, then says, "Um"

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