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In Which Everyone's Pretty And Nothing Hurts

Willoughby. Damon and Stefan find car Elena and Rebekah's most recently stolen car. Damon can't believe Katherine is in Hicksville, though. Stefan wants to plot the logistics of getting Elena back home. Damon's more of a spur of the moment guy, who thinks they should do whatever they have to do, when an opportunity presents itself, because Elena's too close to going off the rails smart. Tired of playing the wronged cuckold, Stefan decides to rub it in. "What happened to the guy who thought Elena should embrace being a vampire and let the chips fall where they may?" Damon: "That guy got his neck snapped in New York, and this guy is royally pissed off." He looks it, too. We cut to the...

Diner. Elena returns with a face full of Katherine's makeup and asks for opinions. Rebekah: "It's close, but not quite slutty enough. You need more eyeliner." Elena decides she needs Katherine's clothes, too. Bracelet, watch, earrings. Rebekah strong arms Kiki into compliance. When Elena wants her daylight bracelet, Katherine refuses. Elena indulges her, but demands her jacket, instead. Katherine snarls that Elena will never pass for her, so Elena imitates her. Rebekah gives notes on her performance. "Throatier. More mannish." Elena rasps, "You'll never pass for me." Rebekah laughs with delight. When Katherine tells them they're pathetic, Elena apes her again. Rebekah pronounces her work, "Perfect. Just the right level of contempt and hidden insecurity." Elena decides she wants Katherine's shoes, too. That is, of course, the final insult.

Elena waits in a gazebo for the mysterious, "em." We cut back to the...

Diner, Rebekah taunts Katherine. While Elijah betrayed Klaus for her, and the Salvatores were head over heels for her, now she's living in a town she had to compel into liking her. Katherine non sequiturs that Becky she can't split the cure with Elena. Rebekah explains that Elena doesn't want it. Katherine says the only thing the cure will take away is Rebekah's immortality. She'll still be stuck with everything she doesn't like about herself. "And you won't even be able to compel yourself a friend." Rebekah grabs Katherine's hand and is crushing it, when the boys enter. Stefan tells them to play nice. Damon teases Katherine for getting caught. "You're losing your touch, evil one." Stefan asks where Elena is. We cut to the...

Gazebo. The most wonderful voice in the world calls out, "Katerina." Elena is startled, but recovers pretty quickly. Thinking she's Katherine, Elijah strokes her hair and compliments her new color (pink streaks). As Elena is thanking him, Elijah kisses her. Sadly it's more awkward than hot. Commercial.

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