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In Which Everyone's Pretty And Nothing Hurts

After the break, Elijah pulls back from the kiss and lets his thumb slide down Elena's cheek 'til it touches her chin. From his grin, I think he's already onto Elena. His, "I miss you," seems like a loaded statement. Elena's eyes betray her fear. Elijah comments on the interesting little town Katherine has settled in, then asks, "So, do you have it with you?" Elena: "Do I have...what?" Elijah: "The cure." He cocks his head and gives her a look. You know the one. Elena says, "It's in a safe place. Why don't I go and get it?" She lays her right hand on his chest. Elijah spies her daywalker ring. Elena starts off. "...And then I'll bring it back." Elijah grabs her arm and pulls her back. "Where's Katherine, Elena?" We cut to the...

Diner. Rebekah says, "So, let me get this straight. If I tell you where Elena is, you shove the cure down her throat, and then I end up in a box, right? I don't think so." When he catches Katherine smirking, Damon addresses her. "What about you over there, Smiley? Do you know where she is?" Katherine suggests he check the town morgue. The Elena Haters plead, "Katherine, please don't tease us like that, darling." When she gets blank looks from this week's iteration of the Mystic Falls Brain Trust, Katherine spells it out for them. "She went to meet up with a friend of mine. You may know him. An Original brother. Impeccable taste." Rebekah leans in. "Elijah" As Katherine grins, Damon sneers, and says, "Elijah's here?" Stefan says, "Well, you sort of have to question Elijah's impeccable taste if he's friends with you."

Katherine does her best Mean Girl and says, "Oh, when I say 'friend' I mean friend." The nausea strikes in waves. Damon is the first victim. As he groans, realization washes over Rebekah who cringes and adds a disgusted, "Ugh." Stefan bows his head and says, "Oof," I think, but Damon is hit by a second wave and groans some more. I want to tie this scene up in ribbons and hang it by my kitchen window, because I'm pretty sure it would sparkle in the sunlight -- not in a Twilight way, just in a flawless diamond way.

Katherine does her best to ignore the Peanut Gallery of Hypocritical Sexual Judgment and continues her empty threats. "It probably took him about ten seconds to realize that she wasn't me, at which point he probably yanked her heart right out of her chest." Stefan is the first to bite and asks where they are. When Katherine won't answer them, he turns to Rebekah and says, "...You do realize if something should happen to Elena, you have no chance of finding the cure, right?"

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