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In Which Everyone's Pretty And Nothing Hurts

Caroline says, "How do you think you deserve my friendship when you've done nothing to earn it?" Klaus gets so mad he forgets to suffer. Instead, he rises to his feet and marches up into Caroline's grill. "I will not have my hand forced by you or anyone else." Caroline yells right back at him. "What is wrong with you? I am reaching out to you despite everything you have done, and you still can't get out of your own way. God! I feel sorry for you." Caroline turns as if to leave. Klaus screams at her not to turn her back on him. She yells that she should have done so ages ago.

The mood changes. Klaus's face relaxes. Softly, he says, "It's gone. [...] The pain." Reaching for his back, he says, "The pain is gone. Oh, I see. It was never there. He got in my head. Silas got inside my head." He grabs Caroline's hand and says, "You took my mind off it. You brought me back, Caroline." Caroline clutches at her head. If Silas can make Klaus believe he's dying, "...what can he do to the rest of us?" We cut to...

Willoughby. Katherine's House. Stefan and Damon bicker about if Damon tried to stop Katherine. Stefan says, "You were never on my side. Now Elena will be a vampire for the rest of her life just like you wanted." Damon is too angry to answer. Thankfully, Rebekah cuts that awkward moment short by waking. We cut to the...

Alley. Elijah tells Elena he knows what it's like to lose a brother, and apologizes to her for her pain. There's been all sorts of reaction to this, because of Elena's complicity in Kol's death, and the fact that the Fellowship of the Falls orchestrated Finn's death. The thing is Elijah is on my screen. I can't be angry. I just...I mean, I gave this episode an A+. Clearly, I've been compelled. And I'm fine with that. Just sit back and enjoy the pretty!

Elijah hopes Elena can find her way back to herself, someday. Elena turns this to his "connection" with Katherine and tells him the sweet girl he fell for, forever ago, does not live within Katherine. "She's a monster, now, Elijah." The girl he loved is dead and isn't coming back. Elijah reminds Elena he's no fool, "...but what kind of man would I be if I didn't try to find my Katerina behind this Katherine facade?" Elena says, "You boys are all the same. Damon and Stefan still think the girl they love is still in here somewhere, too." Elijah says she shouldn't blame the boys for hoping. Then he invokes her compassion. I can't go there. Not again. Elena can. She quotes the lovely letter he wrote her, however long ago that was. "Your compassion is a gift, Elena. Carry it with you always and forever." They discuss it a bit more, but the compassion-taint is trying to get all over my beautiful Elijah, so I'm blocking it out. Elena blahs that the letter burnt up along with Jeremy's corpse and her old life. Before Elena can hurt Elijah's feelings anymore, Katherine comes up behind her and gives her a broken neck nap. YAY KIKI! Commercial.

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