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Trust Me On The Sunscreen

Luna: "Hey, I couldn't wait to come to this funeral of the guy that raped me."
Sam: "As the guy who engineered your daughter's father's death, I am happy to see you."


Jason, in the pickup's mirror: "Jason Stackhouse, you are a good person. Yes you are!"
Hoyt: "Hey, Jason! Thanks for coming to visit me at work, now that I am the only person on this entire work crew because of people becoming panthers and mediums and Cajuns."
Jason: "Bubba, I have to tell you a secret."
Hoyt: "We have no secrets. Our bromance precludes it."
Jason: "Well, I fucked Jessica."
Hoyt: "How could you do this?"
Jason: "Missionary, then doggie, then her on top."
Hoyt: "Even for Jason Stackhouse that reply is unlikely. I guess I have to beat you up."

It is brutal.

Jason: "It's because I drank her blood! I tried to fight it!"
Hoyt: "Things don't just happen. You make choices. You make fucked-up, selfish, piece of shit choices!"

Such violence! It continues!

Hoyt: "And you will never have the special romance I had with her! Nor the special romance you and I had! Because you are not a good best friend! James Franco would never do this to me! You are missing something inside yourself!"

Jason: (Finally grasps Hoyt's artful use of metaphor.)


Jesus: "Lafayette, if you are in there I think you should stop Marnie from tying me up and lighting all kinds of magic candles and incense."
Marnie: "Lafayette became a witch like yesterday. Trust me when I say he is not going to be overcoming me at this time."
Jesus: "Based on everything you ever do and say, and my intimate knowledge of you before this whole thing started, I'm willing to bet that you are a lonely person."
Marnie: "I am also now a dead person, which limits my ability to make friends. You can't always just hug it out with dead people, Mavis's pop psychology epiphany aside. Look at how erratic Antonia's characterization was this season. Can you imagine trying to reason with that?"
Jesus: "Antonia hated you! Because you are an asshole! I have sort of lost track of what I'm trying to do here!"

Lafayette: "Jesus, this bitch is strong and seriously homicidal!"
Marnie: "Whether or not you were needling me to buy Lafayette some time, I really don't like him calling me a bitch. And I can always cut out his eyeball and make him eat it. I think we should play things my way."
Jesus: "I think you may be right. What are you after?"
Marnie: "I want your demon face brujo magic."
Jesus: "I don't think that's how it works, realistically."
Marnie: "Reality and I do not, historically, have a very friendly relationship."

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