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Arlene & Terry are dressed up like zombies, because they are totally plugged into the zeitgeist. Whatever was trendy five years ago, they are on it. They are both ridiculously cute at this time, as is Sookie:

Sookie: "Oh, it's Halloween today?"
Arlene & Terry: "Zombies are the new vampires! In terms of pop culture and not our society on this show, where vampires are real and thus wouldn't hold the place in pop culture that they do in the real world. Like that!"
Sookie: "I don't know about zombies, but your severed toe necklace is super cute."

Oddly, it is.

Sookie: "Arlene just told me that your brother died. I would have come to the funeral."
Sam: "I kind of just want to forget the whole thing happened. Why haven't you been at work?"
Sookie: "Because you fired me?"
Sam: "It's like the Gift of the Magi. What a comedy of errors. Anyway, you can have your job back. Lafayette called in sick with hooker bitch ghost disease, Arlene's fucking useless and Holly's got that face of hers, so we're in need of some extra hands. For work today I will wear a flattering Civil War cap that makes me look like a train conductor on a children's show, and you will wear these bunny ears."
Sookie: "Our relationship is pretty adorable when this show remembers it exists."


Marnie: "Since I've got you tied to that chair, I can subject you to an entire long lecture about how Halloween is the Witches' New Year. I will say Samhain wrong, like everybody else on this show throughout the episode, and also pretend that Wicca wasn't invented fifty years ago."
Jesus: "I will lose consciousness while you go on and on about this irrelevant subject."
Marnie: "There's possibly an interesting worldbuilding thing in this scene about how our cultural understanding of witches as hags in cloaks on brooms was actually engineered by the vampires for political reasons? Maybe. Maybe that's what I'm talking about."

Jesus: "Hey, I know it's late in the day but I'm willing to jump on the Vampires Suck train with you. Especially considering that once they find out you've possessed Lafayette, they will kill him."
Marnie: "That is why he is going to kill them first. Or at least two of them."
Jesus: "He has a name and feelings! Don't be a sociopath!"
Marnie: "After the last twelve episodes you're finally working that one out? Look, this is war. We make sacrifices. I sacrificed Antonia and the concept of having friends. Lafayette sacrificed his agency. And you will sacrifice your demon face."
Jesus: "You can't trade magic like fuckin' Pokémon cards! I would gladly give you this shit inside of me if I knew how, but I just don't!"
Marnie: "For the purposes of this part of the scene, both of those things are true."

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