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Jesus: "I don't know if I've mentioned this a few thousand times, but what's inside of me is seriously dark. I will tell people to shut up. I stabbed a goat."
Marnie: "Yeah, I'm not concerned about that? Black magic is kind of my thing."
Jesus: "You've become everything you hate!"
Marnie: "If you don't stop saying that, I am going to cut off Lafayette's nipple."
Jesus: "Okay, you know how a second ago, the whole Pokémon thing and how it can't be done and I don't know how to do it?"
Marnie: "Yeah, that was a bit of an obstacle."
Jesus: "Well, for some reason that's no longer true, a minute after I said it. Let's do this."

Jesus does demon-face magic, and then Marnie stabs him to death and Lafayette's body has a demon face. So I guess it worked out.


Arlene's kids are dressed like various things; I thought Lisa was dressed as Arlene but in fact she's dressed like somebody from one of those MTV shows about the pregnant teenagers. Which is ludicrous, but this line was pretty great:

Arlene: "You better start behaving yourselves right now or you're gonna be trick-or-treatin' down at the trailer park again. Now do you want a bag of empty Coors cans and food stamps? Or do you want candy? It is your choice."

Sam and Luna bring Emma over to meet Coby and Lisa, and they're adorable and friendly as usual. Arlene asks Emma what she's going to be, and even though it's Halloween Emma doesn't know what she's talking about, so she explains about how her mom's a shapeshifter and her dad was a werewolf before he got murdered. Yesterday. Emma's either amazingly sanguine, or really stupid. Either way, Arlene completely ignores whatever she said and runs off all, "All righty then!"

Scott Foley appears in the bar at this point and it turns out he was in the Marines with Terry.

Terry: "I heard you were dead."
Patrick: "I heard you were crazy."
Terry: "Well, yeah. That's still true."

They talk about his zombie makeup and then he introduces Patrick to Arlene, and Patrick makes several weird creepy faces that could mean almost anything, from that he slept with Terry to the much more likely My Lai scenario we'll deal with next year. (Terry is also making insane faces, but that's nothing new.)

Alcide has come to visit Sookie, whom he hasn't seen since one of the many times he told her to stop stomping her face directly into vampire danger and she got feisty. I honestly don't even remember what the last one was. But he's here now. And why?

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