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And When I Die

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Trust Me On The Sunscreen

Years pass.

Sookie: "Yeah, I just have this weird feeling like something terrible is happening, but not in a way where I want to investigate it further."

Tara: "You guys! I deduced this entire part of the episode in a laughable way! Get in the car!"

Even though the car is ten yards away, by the time they get in the car it is nighttime.

Sookie: "I used my telephone."
Tara: "That is brilliant."
Sookie: "It told me that Eric is not at Fangtasia! and then Bill didn't answer at all."
Holly: "Not only am I high, but I also just found about a pound of salt in my purse."
Tara: "Why do you carry an entire canister of salt in your purse? That's bad for your back."
Holly: "Just in case I need to do a spell involving tons of salt."
Tara: "So you do a lot of spells? I mean, I know we've discussed this at length in previous episodes, but the funny thing about this season is that no single episode seems even slightly aware of what happened in other episodes."
Holly: "I haven't ever done magic on this scale. Except for in other episodes of this season, where we had this same conversation and then I did magic on this scale."
Tara: "It's also annoying how you say Oh my Goddess and stuff like that. Anyway, Sookie, I was thinking that probably Bill and Eric are going to kill Lafayette if they find out he's been rented."
Sookie: "I'm sure whatever is going on is way worse than that."


Marnie has the boys tied to a stake, shirtless, with a bunch of kindling around them. All of the SWATs are dead. She accomplished a lot, including dressing Lafayette's body up in a giant muumuu that makes him look like the mainsail of a transvestite pirate ship.

Bill: "Why don't you call Pam to save us?"
Eric: "No way, I love that girl! Why don't you call Jessica to save us?"
Bill: "No way, she's way better than Pam."
Eric: "We are good dads."
Bill: "We are dead meat. I liked you better when you were brain damaged."
Eric: "So there's a discernible difference?"

When the girls arrive, Marnie calls them bitches and then explains her big plan, which doesn't make sense, because she is not a person anymore, she is a ghost. So she's going to burn Bill and Eric at the stake for murdering her, and then I guess she will use her new demon-face body to go on a rampage and pretend that it's all for the honor of Antonia and for all womyn and for witches who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf.

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