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The obnoxious, deranged speech -- and I do like a lot how the show treats ghosts this way; Mavis was the same thing, like this one desire or vengeance that just keeps saying its own name over and over -- takes so long that Holly manages to pour an entire circle of salt around the stake. Bill dorkily tries to distract Marnie from this happening with some random threats and quibbles, and as usual he does this with the most panto nervous staring at Holly imaginable. He's so predictable. Any time Bill sweet-talks you with the side-eye, guess what: You are about to get ambushed. Marnie doesn't know that, but we do.

Marnie sets the boys on fire and they start screaming and cooking, and the ladies think about how they can't kill Lafayette, but then from somewhere in her mind Holly is like, "You know what would be a really effective spell right now? If we used the power of Halloween to call forth some randoms from this cemetery near Bill's house who would then walk around not doing anything. I bet that would help." So that's the spell they do. Luckily, both Tara and Sookie know the words of this spell.

Antonia: "Marnie, goddammit. What are you doing now?"
Marnie: "Girl, am I glad to see you!"
Antonia: "I was crazy before when I was a ghost, but now that I'm just normal dead it's even easier to see through your bullshit. Also, vampires are part of nature. Wanting them gone is like saying you don't ever want anything to die, or that lions are meanies for eating gazelles, or keeping your daughter a virgin forever, or any time you privilege imaginary purity over the sophisticated complexity of reality. It's a thorny political issue, with these vampires, but you do spiritual damage to yourself every time you kill the little black-eyed girl, no matter what form she takes."

Marnie can't hear it, she's a ghost that can't stop saying its own name over and over. Gran shows up from the graveyard looking jacked and pulls Marnie right out of Lafayette, so he finally gets to take a little nap on the grass. All the random dead watch Marnie and Antonia continue to fight.

Antonia: "I was so crazy and so convinced I was right that I was in a feedback loop of rage. I mean, you weren't wrong that my ghost was crying out for vengeance. But after 400 years, the signal-to-noise gets so lossy that you're guaranteed to lose on something like that. And so now I see you hanging around, stabbing boyfriends and cutting off nipples, and I just... You are right that I love you. Come home with me."

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