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Trust Me On The Sunscreen

Marnie: "No! I am throwing a danged fit!"
Antonia: "Look, I'm sorry you're a nerd. But you need to get over it. You are dead."
Marnie: "My past persecution and current obsession are linked! I've spent my life being dicked around by the dead, forced to act like I have a concussion."
Antonia: "How does any of that have to do with vampires?"
Marnie: "The opposite of powerless is powerful! It feels good!"
Antonia: "...Really?"

Marnie: (Primal nerd rage.)
Adele: "Get it, girl. Get it out. No room for that where we're going."
Marnie: "This fuckin' sucks!"
Adele: "Time is like a boardgame. You think your story and your pain matter. But the only good thing about death is how little your pain stops mattering when you can look down at the game and see how much your pain looks just like everybody else's. It doesn't make you special and it earns you nothing. Hurting other people doesn't make you hurt less. It just means you're stuck inside your story. Pain's just the last veil."

Tara: "I should really be paying attention."

Marnie: "It feels like I'm dying!"
Adele: "Change always does."

Marnie finally works it out. If you're stuck in the vengeance narrative I can see how her suddenly earning heaven would feel like a copout, but that's kind of the point: Marnie suffering doesn't hurt anybody but Marnie and it doesn't gain anything for anybody else. It doesn't end the hate, or the pain, or the abuse. The only way this was ever going to end was with sacrifice, but there are a million ways to sacrifice, and most of them are a lot easier than they appear.

All Marnie had to do, to end the War, was to give up what she loved best: Not Antonia, not the power, just this image of herself as holy victim. That was the only thing keeping her from heaven, before she died or afterwards. Which means that Marnie got a death that was denied Rene, denied Russell, denied Tommy, denied to every superpower except maybe Maryann and definitely Eric's maker, and I don't think that's by accident. In this, I see God.


Sookie: "Gran, wait up! I have been making messes ever since you died and I need some advice."
Adele: "Advice is another form of nostalgia. You already know what to do. You're just afraid of being alone, but you know it's going to be fine. Nice talking to you."

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