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After commercials, Mark reminds slow viewers what the challenge was, then Abdi compliments Jaclyn's series of pictures of men looking at her. He compliments her to the camera, and then Jaime Lynn does, too. Sort of. She says she's sexy, which Jaime Lynn is sure is so difficult (because Jaime Lynn's not sexy?), but she thinks Jaclyn genuinely enjoys the attention. Uh, yeah, duh. She strips down in every episode. Abdi says issues of "morality" are important to his artwork, so he's making a painting of a racecar driver covered in logos. I think he might mean ethics, not morality? Ryan's making a painting of himself in a car, because he sees himself as a rock star. Miles says he's from the country, so his OCD comes from the busy city. He has to go be alone in his little dark room to get in his own head and come up with something: a screen print of a photo of an empty doorway, to get at the quiet moments in New York. He goes to talk to Nicole, who's going to layer a bunch of stuff and crumple it up and cast it. They both talk about how they're attracted to each other. Erik thinks Miles is an actor, because he's a totally different person in front of the cameras. Nicole finally explains what she's doing in a way we can understand: She's writing stories from her day in the Audi on crumpled up pieces of paper, covering them with resin and suspending them so the viewer can feel the hovering and suspension of an Audi. Ryan tells Peregrine hers is so bad it's good. Peregrine's coming up with all the words she can think of with Audi: Saudi, Audio, Haudi, Gaudi. So, yes, some are spelled incorrectly, but it's sort of inspired.

Simon comes to visit, and starts with the totally unsexy Jaime Lynn. She tells him how fun it was in the car with him and Abdi, so she's doing a rock around the clock of herself rocking out to hip-hop music. She says she loves dancing, and Simon says he feels the same way: that it's one of the most fun activities they can talk about on television. He asks if she's concerned about time, and she says she'll make it work. She interviews that she knows her piece scares Simon, "but if I want to make a piece that's got 24 debutantes in wedding gowns on a dinosaur, then that's what I need to do." Seriously, why couldn't she have done that? Ryan doesn't think Jaime's piece is incredibly mature, so he's also concerned about her.

Next, Simon talks to Jaclyn, complimenting her for being in the top two last week. He doesn't say it, but I think the reason she didn't win over Abdi was because her idea was actually Erik's idea. Jaclyn's put some mirrors in with her photos and tells Simon she wants to throw paintballs at them. Simon stops at Ryan's next, and asks if he's narcissistic, by any chance, since his self-portrait has been the basis of all of his works. Curious that he wouldn't ask Jaclyn that question, but whatever. Abdi thinks Ryan's crazy and always smells a little like alcohol, but "he's a great guy." Abdi just cannot bring himself to insult someone. Ryan's painting is sort of a triptych that he sees as when you hit warp-speed in movies. Simon tells him to give it something special so it's not a conventional portrait. Ryan's worried and says, "I don't know what to do with my thing." Hee. Commercials. I like the Bravo one with people from all of the shows, especially when that guy from Flipping Out gets soaked at the end.

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