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When we're back, Simon's still talking to the artists. He's moved on to Mark. He tells him his work looks like a total departure from what they're used to. Mark says there are Mondrian references in his map, which he's trying to make show the life of the city, unlike the usual grid maps. Simon thinks it's brave of him to do this totally different thing. Then it's on to Miles, who tells Simon he was so overstimulated this morning that the simple quiet moments around the city stood out to him. Simon loves the picture of the empty doorway, and thinks there's a sanity to it. He also loves that Miles plans to add a police barricade in front of it to give it more of an urban feeling. Simon announces that Nicole will have to share a new room with all of her female colleagues. Nicole interviews she can normally live with anyone, but Jaclyn's going to be a problem because she's all about herself all the time.

Jaclyn asks Peregrine's advice on what color of paint to use on her art, and Peregrine tells her to use white for bird shit, instead of red for blood. Erik's annoyed that Jaclyn always gets help even though she thinks she knows everything. He doesn't think she's smart enough to come up with ideas on her own. Ryan's finished his Pop Art-looking piece and says he's hopeful he'll be safe again, which is all he's been so far. Peregrine doesn't like Mark's map; she thinks it looks like hotel art. Nicole discusses her art with Miles, who offers advice. They really are cute. Time's up, and everyone's stressed. Jaclyn's worried she won't have time to construct "the framing element" tomorrow. Back at the William Beaver House, Nicole thinks Jaclyn's going to be even more difficult than she thought. Ryan's worried his piece will be in the bottom for being so literal. The next morning, Jaime Lynn says she loves elimination days, because she knows she'll be here as long as she needs to be, praise the Lord. Because we all know how much the Lord cares about reality shows.

Erik watches Miles work at the studio and tells us how he'd never buy Miles's work, or go to a gallery to view it, or brag about it. Okay, the guy's negativity is starting to bother me, and I really want to like him and his lack of training. Jaclyn's going to just tack her photos to the wall to make it more voyeuristic since she won't have time to make her frame. Ryan and Erik discuss Ryan's painting and Bob Ross, who Erik says you "gotta love." Ryan laughs. Simon comes in to tell them they have a half-hour until their exhibition. Miles still has to build his two sculptures. Abdi's stressed, as usual. Miles gets one screw connecting his sculpture when time's called, but he says at least it's finished. You know, unless it falls apart.

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