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Now we get that weird outtake scene we get every week. This one is about Ryan's laugh, which everyone seems to love. It makes them all laugh, too. Lots of clips of him laughing. I know Abdi thinks he smells like alcohol, but this scene makes me think it might actually be pot he's constantly on.

Gallery. China's lined up the artists and is once again repeating everything about this show to them and us. I wonder if they hate that as much as I do. Anyway, we have the usual judges -- Bill, Jeanne and Jerry -- plus guest judge "renowned contemporary artist Richard Phillips." Ryan feels even less confident about his cheesy painting with a painter who does hyperrealist paintings as a judge. The judging begins. They start with Mark's piece, "From Above." China wonders if it's a grid of the city, but Richard thinks it's about the navigation device or something. They seem to like Erik's portrait of his girlfriend. It's called "Susie." Jerry uses the word "cutty-uppy," which is funny. The judges seem amused, in a good way, by Peregrine's "Raudi," a series of line drawings playing with language, using the word "Audi." Nicole's sculpture, "Suspension," isn't literal, and she thinks it's good. She and Miles lay under it.

The judges think Ryan should have used just one of his three panels in "Cruising Up 3rd Avenue." He's worried he might finally get the critique he wants, but now he doesn't want it because he's unhappy with this piece. I think if he does get it, he should just tell them that instead of sticking up for it. But, like all of these people, he's an egomaniac, so that's not likely. The judges like Miles's "Untitled" piece. They get that the sculptures are like street signs, which pull you in. Miles once again reminds us it's a quiet moment that gets forgotten in the clutter and chaos of the city. Jaime Lynn loves her piece, "Turn It Up," but Richard feels "cringey" when he gets close to it. Jaclyn's really proud of her piece, "11/17," and the judges seem to like it too. Abdi says he wasn't sold on his piece, "The Glory," at first, but that it looks really good on the gallery wall.

China calls back Miles, Jaclyn, Mark, Ryan and Jaime for the crit. Everyone else is safe and heads back. They start with Mark, who explains he used a stylized version of a map. The judges think he made an extremely generic painting, and Jerry actually uses the same "hotel room" comparison that Peregrine used earlier. Mark says he realized he hasn't taken risks and that he'll go "balls to the wall" next time. I think that's at least the second time this episode he's used that phrase. Ryan says his painting is a fantasy of looking cool while he's driving, because he was actually scared while driving. The judges think it's too literal and that his explanation is much better than the work. Jaclyn tells them about her piece, and how uncomfortable she is with the men looking at her. The judges love it, and think there's growth in her work, and that the mirrors help it a lot. Jaime jokes about the car-dancing piece she made, and Richard tells her it's difficult to digest. China doesn't know what the circle is: a hubcap? A record? I'll spare you Miles explaining what his piece was for the 100th time, but the judges like it. Except that he used the overstimulation thing once before with his napping piece. He says he's not the overstimulation guy. "If anything, I'm the comfort guy." Everyone laughs at that for some reason. They all head back, and Ryan's glad he finally knows what the judges are looking for.

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