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Frankly My Dear, It's Okay To Love Them Both

Warehouse of the Dead: Satan Klaus stands over Elijah who is lying in an open casket. "As promised, brother, you've been reunited with our family." When he closes the casket, he orders a minion to put Elijah with "the others" and exposits that they're leaving town tonight. Just then, Stefan gets a test from Elena: "Damon's okay. Where R U?" All right, so she writes out okay, but then uses R and U in place of are you? R U KIDDING ME? H8!!!!!!!!!!!11.

Stefan tells Klaus he won't be seeing Katherine again. Klaus totally knew she was on Vervain, and doesn't care. "She won't get far. You'll help me see to that." Klaus is all ready to leave town, but first, he wants to give Stefan a gift to celebrate their new alliance. It's a real, live girl. He wants to make sure Stefan will honor their deal and be of use to him. Klaus sinks his fangs into her neck first and then offers her to Stefan, as he says, "I could have compelled her to behave, but a real ripper enjoys the hunt." He lets the girl go, and she runs her little legs off, but Stefan Stealth-Salvatores right in her face, attacks her, and drinks 'til she collapses to the ground. In full game face, with blood pooling in his eyes and dripping from his mouth, Stefan still looks, to me, more tormented than scary. Klaus pronounces this all good, though. "Now we can go."

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy stirs when he hears someone in the hall. It's VICKI, but he doesn't see her. She follows him downstairs and we see Alaric sound asleep on the couch, which is sweet. I bet he couldn't make himself sleep in Jenna's bed without her. Awwww. When Vicki calls out, "Jer" Jeremy turns his head back toward the front door, but she's nowhere in sight. As he turns toward the kitchen, who appears in front of him but ANNA! When he looks behind him. He Vicki appears again. And we end the season on Jeremy's face screaming, "I don't want to be the stuffing in a dead vampire girlfriend sandwich." Title card.

So, are Anna and Vicki really back, or can Jeremy just see dead people? I'd be totally convinced it was the latter, except before he left his bedroom, one of those dead people cast a shadow on his door. Whatever. I just hope this means we'll see Jenna next season. I liked both Vicki and Anna, and was sorry the show killed them off, but I feel they served their purpose in Jeremy's arc. Jenna's story never really got told, and Sarah Canning, in my opinion, could give us much more.

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