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The New Shape Of Myself

White people and rich people have a narrative where everything is fair and the deck isn't stacked, vampires have a narrative where humans are food, straight people have a narrative where one strictly defined kind of marriage is fundamental to society, men have a narrative where women are irrational, and so on. And when those kinds of privilege get threatened, you're going to provoke, always, a reactionary movement that invents as much history as it needs to, in order to fix the world, and which -- a more, fascinating recent development -- supports in turn a certain protective coloration of victimhood, a jealousy and taking-on of what is now seen as the given minority's "right" to complaint. A very real and terrified sense of being oppressed by equality.

Now, I don't know how or if Russell's Druid stuff (humanity as world-killing virus) is going to come into play -- maybe he's just 100% Chaos right now -- but I do feel pretty certain that you're going to get some Sanguinistas playing the victim card, and it's going to be excellent. Real "War On Christmas," reverse-racism, nasty privileged nonsense. Or at least that's the hope, because if you're HBO and you're already getting bitched at for "liberal bias," you might as well tell the truth and stop trying to make those fools happy with you.

So this whole interrogation sequence, Salome and the very creepy Dieter are trying to get Bill and Eric, separately, to do a few things. Number one, if they're (sigh) Sanguinistas, they want them to admit it. At least it would explain why Bill and Eric are constantly fucking everything up. Number two, they want to play them off each other (and Nora) to get to the bottom of it. And Number three, this is really just about extracting info by whatever means they can before killing the boys over Nan Flanagan, so none of it really matters anyway because we know Bill and Eric aren't Fundamentalists. Bill, he may as well have invented assimilation in his own head, and Eric profits directly from it (as well as having possibly changed internally thanks to Sookie and especially Godric).

Anyway, Prisoner's Dilemma, blah blah, and you get to see Bill and Eric playing the game and being stalwart and strong and trusting each other even in the extremity -- an IV of silver right in the veins, which -- and of course, it's sweet on one level, but also that's how you should always play Pascal's Wager: Assume the best of everyone involved, because it's the best chance you have of getting out alive. This is my favorite one of those little interchanges, which go on for several minutes back and forth before ending here:

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