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It's all very silly, like all religious ceremonies are when you're not doing them and frequently when you are, but the texture and realness of all this is greatly appreciated. If you're going to do the whole thing, the Vatican Star Chamber Supreme Court mashup thing, make it seem at least as real as a sci-fi book would. You know what I mean? The credibility of world-building, even after we've already accepted so much about this universe of this show, never loses its importance. Especially when it's something this intense and possibly ludicrous even within the show itself.

Guardian: "Man, I hate it when I have to do my job. Now, I was no fan of Nan Flanagan's -- we were engineering her True Ouster and she knew it -- but seriously. Rocket launchers on Main Street? That ludicrous Festival of Tolerance where witch-controlled vampires went apeshit on everybody? Come on. Are you fuckos trying to sabotage our integration?"
Bill: "Sir, Ah assure you this was simple native incompetence."
Eric: "I was amnesiac at the time. Pretty much just a gigantic toddler with a six-pack."
Guardian, sadly verbatim: "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Sanguinista Movement?"
Bill: "Ah don't even know what that is, but Ah do know it bums me out every time you say it."
Eric: "Basically, I think everything is stupid."

The Chancellors take a vote and, not without regret, decide to put those boys down. On the one hand, they took out the witches which is a good thing, but on the other hand... The thing is that they look nuts, idiotic, because when you connect the dots they are just total fuckups. And the reason for that -- not even Nan got to the bottom of this one in time -- is Sookie. She's the dot you can't see, and she's the one that always fucks everything up. So in some ways this whole scene is even more stressful and dramatic because you know the actual answer to all of this, from Tolerance to Edgington, is about Sookie Stackhouse. Ruiner of all things.

Guardian, verbatim: "Every vampire on this Council has committed our careers, our lives, our destinies, to mainstreaming. Coexistence with humans is not an option, it is a necessity. It is merciful. It is just. It is vital... Not to mention that they outnumber us a thousand to one. Any threat to mainstreaming is a threat to us. Fundamentalism is a dead end, and I won't fucking have it! Not out there, and most certainly not in here."

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