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The New Shape Of Myself

Jason: "So far, so good."
Interviewer: "Speaking of coexistence, is there anyone special in your life?"
Jason: "Here we go. Here we freakin' go. Aw, see? He's already smiling that same goony way. Man, I can't believe I used to be obsessed with that guy."
Newlin: "Let's just say that... yes, there is someone!"
Jason: "Dude! I am just not that into you!"
Newlin: "... And she makes me very happy."
Jason: "Ugh. That's even worse. Steven Newlin, you are so disappointing!"

It is just great, we kept rewinding it over and over because it's so cute. I love Jason the most.

Gomer Kevin: "I am still weirdly sexy."
Andy: "More stuff about that corrupt speeding ticket thing from last week, okay?"

Little Boy: "Officer Stackhouse?"
Jason: "That's me, champ! How can I mentor you in the ways of manhood?"
Little Boy: "You fucked my mom! My home is a broken home!"
Jason: "I'm so sure I'm going to remember your mom by name. Do you have a picture, or..."
Little Boy: "Motherfucker! Literal mother fucker!"
Andy: "Hey, hey, hey. Jason, stop fucking mothers."
Jason: "I am!"

Not sure what the point was there, but I hope it doesn't go anywhere. It's one of those times in the year where every show is either ending or starting, and so any time anybody mentions two people having sex and the reason is not immediately apparent, I get so scared because of unwanted pregnancy.

1905 SF

Pam: "Stalker from Olden Times? I totally see you. Come back to my whorehouse in the morning. Momma's busted tonight."
Stalker: "That's okay, I'm some kind of serial killer so you don't have to do much."
Eric: "...And now you're bleeding all over the street."
Pam: "Holy shit, Eric Northman in a tux. The television medium was possibly invented for this moment. Who are you?"
Eric: "I am very mysterious!"


Pam: "That is true. He was very mysterious. This origin story of mine is unfolding in quite a leisurely manner."

Stay tuned for next week, when Pam makes it all the way to the corner.


Go long, and they're pretty interesting -- back and forth between this guy Dieter torturing Bill, and Salome questioning Eric -- but I don't know if they really would be on paper, because it's a fair amount of exposition. And also because it seems to have confused nearly everybody in the process of being a pretty neat scene, which is a downer.

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