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"Don't Worry, Kid. You're Still On The Clock."

Kima, now in a car, pulls up next to Bunk, who's still parked at Pyramid. She asks whether anything came out, and he says that if there were any women in Sergei's container, "they're still inside." He pulls off, leaving Kima to take his place.

Detail office. Rhonda is reviewing paperwork on the DNRs. Lester explains that, on February 4 and March 16, Horseface got calls from Frank's cell phone. Beadie breaks in to say that, in both cases, Horseface went on to work a ship on the Talco Line the next day. Lester says that, both times, a container went missing from the computer: "Pretty good argument for a conspiracy case." Rhonda, alarmed, asks, "Conspiracy to do what?" "Smuggle shit," says Beadie. Hey hey hey! That kind of language might work down on the docks, but you're in the presence of a lady now! Rhonda smiles patiently, and asks, "Smuggle what?" Prez gives her the shocking information about smuggling women to be prostitutes. Rhonda says that they'll need more than that for a wiretap. The cops all look at one another, exasperated, and Rhonda lectures them about reading the annotated code: prostitution is not a crime for which you can set up telephonic surveillance in Maryland. Beadie incredulously asks whether it can really be possible that "you can tap a guy's phone if he's selling drugs, but if he's selling women, he's out of bounds?" Rhonda says that's the law. Beadie rolls her eyes, and secretly plans to set up her own ring of Slovenian hookers.

Nick comes down to his basement boudoir, where Aimee sits on the bed, reading a magazine. Nick looks at her fondly for a moment, and then tosses a folded-up newspaper section to her, telling her, "Start looking at the two-bedroom joints. We can pay." Aimee, of course, asks how (he's going to sell off what we can see of his vintage collection of posters for crappy bands?), and Nick says that he got a new job. "Off the docks?" yelps Aimee, shocked. Nick -- so easily that you know he spent the afternoon chewing the lie over in his head so it sounded matter-of-fact -- says that he's working a few days a week as a warehouse foreman "for this Greek guy" who owns an appliance store in Highland Town. He shrugs like it's no big deal as he says he can work this second job around whatever hours he picks up at the docks. Aimee asks how much he'll be making, and Nick has her snuggle over next to him before he tells her he's talking about $500 a week, or maybe more: "But steady. You know, we can count on it. Between what you make with them scissors and this, we can pay down the truck and still have enough left over for someplace nice out in the County." Aimee looks like she's scared to believe him, but she laughs and lets him kiss her and mentally calculates how many outfits for Ashley that will buy her at Gap Kids.

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