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"Don't Worry, Kid. You're Still On The Clock."

A bunch of stevedores have assembled on the lawn and sidewalk in front of New Charles's house. Frank heads inside, trailed by Nat, and sits next to Mrs. New Charles, handing her a fat manila envelope and telling her it's from "the guys at 15-14." Mrs. New Charles smiles faintly, and Frank rubs her shoulder and pats her son on the head before quickly taking his leave. Nat is about to follow when he looks back to Mrs. New Charles, who opens the envelope, finds the cash, and looks at Nat in confusion, like, what did she think was in it, half a trade paperback? But she doesn't say anything, because she doesn't have a SAG card, I guess.

Outside, Frank and Nat take positions next to Johnny Fifty. As Frank lights a cigarette, Nat asks how the patient got the name "New Charles." They don't, so Nat says that on New Charles's first day of work, Charlie Bannion was crushed with a hatch cover. Once they'd finished cleaning up Old Charlie with a shovel, New Charles was born. Frank and Johnny Fifty snicker ruefully, because who doesn't love a folksy old tale from the docks? Nat adds that New Charles will lose the leg, as though that would come as a surprise to anyone who saw him. Frank nods, and starts to move off before Nat calls him back. Once they're a safe distance away from the rest of the guys who've gathered, Nat sadly asks where the money's from. Frank doesn't answer, but his guilty silence is eloquent enough.

Homicide. Daniels lets himself into Rawls's office and announces, "I got your murders. But what I need from you, I get. No bullshit, no arguments." "No arguments!" says Rawls easily. Daniels gives him one curt nod and leaves again. Seems like you dudes could have just had this chat on the phone and saved a few bucks on parking.

Elena's, by night. Sean and Mike have set up a tent in the back yard, and are nattering half-heartedly over wasting batteries as their parents look on from the back stoop. Elena yells at them to get along before she has to take the tent down. "Snitch!" "Punk!" the boys call each other. "Squirrel!" "Mope!" On the stoop. Elena drops her jaw in amused shock, while McNulty chuckles: "Who teaches them this stuff?" McNulty and Elena have a nice, friendly moment, but soon enough, McNulty's getting The Look and breathing, "Elena." She quickly looks away: "No. No." McNulty looks sad, but still makes like he's going to reach an arm out, but Elena repeats: "No. I don't trust you." McNulty, annoyed, looks away as Elena explains, "I can care about you, and I can want us to be friends, and if you give me enough time, Jimmy, maybe I will actually want you to be happy. But how the hell am I supposed to trust you?" Before McNulty can gin up (as it were) a reason, one of the kids yells to Elena to come deal with a spider, and she takes off. McNulty watches Elena's silhouette through the tent as she goofs around happily with the boys, cozy in their little bubble, leaving McNulty alone and with no one to tickle.

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