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The Up My Ass Players

At home, he runs pell mell into his mother. He lies, tells her nothing is wrong, and runs into the back yard. "Trevor, where are you going? Dinner's on the table!" his mother yells after him. Who serves dinner in the middle of the afternoon, when the kids are coming home from school? Does anyone actually ever read these scripts anymore? Trevor's mom makes a face, and chases him into the back yard, where she finds him laying face down at the bottom of the pool, although it's impossible that he could have run out to the pool, fallen in, and drowned in the one minute he was out of her sight. I mean, at the very least, he'd still be sinking to the bottom. Trevor's mom dives in after him, naturally. She grabs his arm, and turns him around, and suddenly, it's Morty, grinning. She screams -- at least as well as someone underwater can scream.

Next thing you know, Trevor's mom is on the coroner's stretcher, all dead and bloody-eyed. Because I'm so sure she had something to do with the gas accident in India. It's bad enough when continuity falls apart episode to episode, but from one scene to the other? Good God. Doggett looks at her grimly. Trevor and his dad sob. This episode is all full of little kids losing their parents, with no real plot-related point behind it, and it pisses me off. "What are we doing here, Agent Scully, because I don't know," Doggett asks. Sing it, brother! Sing it loud and long! Scully purses her lips, and explains that Trevor's mom died under circumstances similar to Fred's, and Quentin's dad's. Doggett knows that, but "dollars to donuts [drink up!], it wasn't anything that crawled up inside her." Scully smirks. Doggett wonders if maybe Scully's just seeing what she wants to see. "Are you questioning my integrity?" she snaps. He's questioning the integrity of "the whole damn case." Word, ma brotha. Tell it to the writers. I beg of you. He totally reads her the riot act, reminding her that she's overlooking evidence, and that her entire approach to the case has gotten them no closer to, you know, actually solving it. "I asked you to keep an open mind," Scully sighs, self-righteously. "Keeping an open mind tends to close my eyes," he retorts. Scully gets Zen and reminds Doggett that they won't solve the case "working like this." Doggett grimaces and stomps off. Scully makes her martyr face.

And Trevor comes stumbling out of the bushes. I thought he was over sobbing with his Dad just a minute ago, but that was probably yet another continuity error, because he clearly has no clue what's going on, although he look around at the crying and the cops and immediately realizes what happened. "He was here! The little man! I saw him! He followed me! Sniff!" Trevor runs off. Scully looks thoughtful for the one millionth time in Gillian Anderson's career.

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