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See Me Bare My Teeth For You

Kalinda: "Um. That was straight-up awesome."
Alicia: "God, I wish a motherfucker would."


As you probably know, I lived in your house before you...

Alicia watched her children grow, she loved them more and more particularly. Bathtubs, rubber duckies and suds. She chased Grace through the halls, in her towel, shrieking with delight.

...I saw my daughter walk for first time. I saw...

Mobile TV vans have those curly towers on top; that's how you know they're broadcasting live feeds. The first thing you learn, when your life falls apart, is to watch for those towers. Consider this education, beginning. She turned on the TV, and there he was.

Grace was nearly a teenager, by then. Running through the house, in tears, that day. Alicia watched, silent; she wasn't chasing Grace anymore by then.

Alicia tries to shake it off, the two Graces running through the house, pursued by her parents. She reaches back for the warmth, to write the letter, but it's gone cold. The two houses are like magnets, driven apart inside her, and she can't bring them together.



Eli: "Well, that was obviously a charade. They fought us on the money thing, then gave in to throw us a bone."
Cain: "Obvi."
Eli: "Right. Well, all three of us want Will's seat. And all three of us are awful. Leaving aside the part where fighting each other serves only Diane and Will, it's also a stalemate and I can't handle those."
Cain: "Duh, I already said this and told you I want your vote."
Eli: "No way. Let's flip a coin."
Cain: "Let me see that coin first. Okay, we're good."

Cut to Will, walking past, so we don't see the outcome.


Howard Lyman: "I'm a crazy old geezer! I'm like the baby Pokemon version of Stern. Remember him? Anyway, what cases are you working on for this law firm?"
Will: "You weird old bird, you know I'm not doing anything."
Lyman: "Oh, that's right. I momentarily forgot what century this is or why there's an orange in my pocket."
Will: "It's nice to have like one other friend who's just hanging around the firm being useless. Even one that mostly talks about buffalo nickels."
Lyman: "Actually I spend the day looking at porn in my office. Know any good porn sites?"
Will: "My life, it has become a macabre shadow."

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The Good Wife




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