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See Me Bare My Teeth For You

I didn't know how to write this letter, until I went to your open house...

The mailbox outside the Highland Park house is set in a square of concrete bearing Grace's name and handprint. Alicia came home with the groceries that day, to find her husband and her daughter, giggling at the bottom of the garden. He called her a movie star, and started a mock fight, slinging mud into the sky.

"There'sgoing to be mud flying everywhere," she told them. "People will be saying things about your father, about your family. All I ask is that you don't rise to the occasion, that you keep your thoughts to yourself. All I ask for is your silence."

That's how it started. She wanted to protect them, from the world outside. It was only one house, then: The house their family could hide in, from the lightning and the rain.

Peter drew the sheets up, over them, kissing her; the light flooded in as they laughed. "You're such a Girl Scout!" he breathed, and she fervently agreed. "Protect me from the lightning?"

A good memory. Teased out of the confused darkness and placed there, on the table, where she can look at it. That -- and the wine -- get her pen moving again. Faster, now.

I know you have no reason to choose my offer over others... But there was never a more grateful, or more loving, occupant of your house...


Diane: "He said that shit?"
Alicia: "Yeah. There will be consequences if I continue to question this."
Will: "Yep. Mike Kresteva always did get his sticks and carrots confused."

Not Diane, though. She always knows how to make one look like the other. I admit I was confused by that line the first time through, but it's incredibly telling: Mike threatens where people more under the spell of Alicia Florrick would probably cajole, he means. As though that says anything in particular about Alicia, rather than the people who want things from her. C.V. last week, when Diane went from privately begging the partners for a ten percent raise, to telling Alicia to clean out her desk, over the course of a couple days -- and still got everybody out of there alive. I'm not purposively comparing Mike to Diane, it's too early to make a real parallel, but that's just the first example I thought of, again. Maybe I'm onto something, though:

Diane: "Well, so you were investigating the case on your own? That was dumb."

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