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Alicia, chastened: "Who told you?"
Diane: "You don't get to know that. Somebody on the panel."
Alicia: "But confidentiality!"
Diane: "You're in here telling us about it, dude."
Alicia, immediately: "Yeah, but the conversation I'm telling you about was after the session broke."

Is Diane impressed? I'm impressed. But you don't want to see your protege using those skills against you like that, you know? That quick mind and eel-slick twist to the logic is fine against the enemy. Will steps in, because dude.

Carrot: "...Look, you're there to review this investigation. Don't pull punches."
Stick: "Yeah, it's up to you. But having a seat at the table, that means more responsibility and more consequences. They can hurt your career. This is about you, not the firm, when I say this. I'd like for you to shut up and knuckle under because you are an ass-ache, but also I would like you not to do those things, and actually rise to the occasion. Because if you can manage to get it together and play on this stage you will be incandescent. So rise!"

Alicia rises, all right, and splits that joint so fast there's a zooming noise, because there is no time of day where Diane Lockhart saying that to you wouldn't cause immediate nausea. But on reflection I think she'll get it.

Will, alone: "So, they're going to tax us?"
Diane: "Honey, we have two cases in front of Dunaway and Winter alone."
Will: "Well? You put her on the panel, and she has to do her best. You knew what she was when you brought her home."
Diane: "Real easy to be idealistic on the sidelines."

For a second I thought they'd come to blows. But no, they love each other too much. It was them having fun. They laugh, and the energy abruptly calms itself, and they joke about Howard Lyman, hanging around at 11 in the morning.

Diane: "New friend, huh? He just loves you, looks like."
Will: "Yup. He's here to go get lunch. We like the Early Bird special."
Diane: "Your life! Unendingly entertaining."


How come? Lana Delaney, erstwhile romantic interest of Kalinda Sharma and married bisexual creep, is fully hanging out on Alicia's office couch once she comes back from shivering in the bathroom and trying to get her eyes to uncross.

One of the things about sleeping with Kalinda is that you adopt her habits, such as suddenly appearing sprawled on furniture like some kind of opium addict Cheshire Cat. Once I found Peter Florrick on top of the fridge and we had to open a can of salmon to coax him down again. Cary Agos tried to learn this trick but he just kept falling off the backs of couches into the ficus, because you have to actually sleep with her in real life to get the power and not just in your imagination.

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