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Alicia: "Hey, what are you guys doing re-examining the first cop from the beginning of the episode? And why am I not here already?"
Mike: "...Anyway, Officer Zimmerman, tell us about this 'drop gun' fiasco?"
Cop: "The State's Attorney did question me. ASA Matan and DSA Cary. They took their findings to the SA..."
Mike: "-- The one they call Peter 'The Good Husband' Florrick?"
Cop: "Yeah, and he said there wasn't enough. So I thought I got away with it, meaning today sucks."


Alicia: "You brought him back to make me recuse myself!"
Dunaway: "I move you can't do that. I want you to be tortured by this! Mwahaha!"
Alicia: "You guys are a bunch of dinks."
Mike: "You have inspired this panel to a new sense of duty, and presented us with new information. That slow clap brought you the ass-beating you've been asking for, and I'm just making sure that we all follow your lead... Straight to your husband's race problem, if necessary. Good job. Good job on that hornet's nest. Sup upon it!"


Kalinda: "So. You used the IRS, my relationship with L/?, and my former best friend's rage issues to... What, exactly."
Lana: "It's time we made love, in a lesbian way."
Kalinda: "Here at lunch? I'd prefer to talk about the witch hunt you're organizing."
Lana: "Let's go to a lesbian restaurant where nobody will recognize me."
Kalinda: "No, I like talking about my tax audit here, with all your co-workers staring at us. But having said that..."

Kalinda puts the moves on Lana. All over Lana, the moves. The Kalinda ones. The FBI collectively get weird, because this isn't what happens at lunch usually.

Lana: "Just so you know, this is not how you handle this meeting. You are doing it wrong."
Kalinda: "Am I? Because I'm doing it the Kalinda Way, which speaking historically works a hundred out of a hundred times. And the next time you want to mix business and pleasure, think twice. Because I can do just as much damage to your life and livelihood as you're trying to do to mine."
Lana: "Once again your sex powers have solved a problem! I must anon. But I will not be giving up that easily!"

Lana runs off with her cape over her nose and Kalinda sort of giggles to herself at the table; although you can tell she's still scared, girlfriend kinda needed a win today.

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