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And having come to an understanding of what she's meant to do, it's not very surprising -- for her or for us -- that her car, almost of its own accord, has driven her to the Addison Station of the elevated train. I've filled an entire internet up, writing about grace, about the coincidental rewards of introspective bravery, but when it happens in real life, this is what it looks like. Searching to give voice to a discordant harmony within herself proves out, so the world delivers her the scene of the crime: All these voices are hers. The rest is silence.

And silence is what she finds, when she heads up those stairs. You could hear a pin drop, in that silence. You could hear a man being killed in his final act of charity.


They roll call down the line, and Dunaway gives her the stinkeye; he has no idea he's pushed her into caring with his advice to stop caring. She wouldn't rebel by asking questions for no reason, she's too graceful a woman for that, but this isn't about Dunaway anymore.

Alicia: "Just to clarify, there was an express train running that meant your due process in protocol wasn't overheard. Okay, fine. But what about the parked train that blocked it out?"
Officer: "Ummm."
Alicia: "Because I was there last night..."
Alicia, delicately: "...Yes?"


Cut to Dunaway haranguing her in a private meeting, yelling about all of this, and actually there's a fairly decent thread here among her captors, which is that it's not a legal case, so why play Kalinda? Mike's explanation makes a ton of sense, once he says it, to us and I think to Alicia too: That you could compare this to taking a bunch of jurors on a field trip to the scene of a crime. There's no chain of evidence, no duty of the court, just nosy jurors ignoring the facts of the case in favor of their own untrained shit.

Alicia: "When you say it like that... Sorry?"
Men: "-- Don't you fucking interrupt us when we're talking! How dare you? Sit still and drink your medicine! We call for censure!"
Alicia: "I can't help feeling a little intimidated right now."
Mike: "Everybody chill. Look, there's nothing in the official IPRA rules against it, that's true. And I like what you said about being in over your head, because it gives me a rock-hard erection when women admit their powerlessness. So we're not censuring you. But we are watching you."

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