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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

Elena's cleaning up another bloody mess in her kitchen when Bonnie finds her. She first asks if Elena is okay, and then tells her Abby's theory that all the dying and resurrecting might have chipped away at Alaric's psyche, making it easier for the darkness to take hold. She gives Elena herbs that bind the spell and tells her Alaric has to take them twice a day. Bonnie will get them some more.

With the Alaric talk all over, Bonnie smiles sweetly as she tells Elena that she and Abby are going to work on the garden. Oh, Bon-bon. Elena asks how Abby is doing. Bonnie admits the transition has been rough, but she thinks Abby will be fine, eventually. Bonnie's going to go stay with her for a while. She hopes it will give them a chance to work things through.

A tearful Elena apologizes all over the place that this happened. She would do anything differently, if only she could. Bonnie throws her arms around her dear friend and says, "I know." Elena wants Bonnie to forgive her. Bonnie says of course she does.

Caroline and Jamie are working in Abby's garden. She gives him the CliffsNotes version of her experience with her own father's vamping. When Care Bear heads in the house, she finds Abby writing a note to Bonnie and Jamie. She just has to leave. She doesn't know how to "do this."

Caroline: Do what? Be a vampire or a parent? I can help you be a vampire. I can teach you self-control, but being a parent, that's all you. Bonnie grew up without a mom, because you ran away once. But now you have an eternity to make up for it, and you're just going to throw that away?

Abby the Abandoner: She's better off without me.

Caroline: No, she's not. No one is better off without their parents. She wants to make this work. Please. Just stay.

Abby looks sheepishly at Caroline, then rises, grabs her bag and asks Caroline to tell "them" that she's sorry. Oh you're sorry, all right, Abby. You are a completely sorry waste of flesh and vampire blood. I want Caroline to say more. I want her to point out that obviously Abby does know how to do the parent thing a little, because Jamie seems nice enough, and she obviously is somewhat willing to do the parent thing because she took in Jamie in the first place. I want her to drive home the point that there is no way Bonnie can take this as anything other than a second, most-personal rejection. Plus, if Abby is so afraid she's going to hurt Jamie or Bonnie, why isn't she also afraid that without Caroline's help, she's not going to hurt any random human? What I'm really saying, I guess, is I want Abby to die in a fire, and I want that fire to be lit with the power of Bonnie's mind.

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