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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

All alone at Gilbert Gables, Elena finally has the kitchen clean. We cut to her bedroom. She's sitting on her window seat, making a phone call. It's Jeremy. Yay! Come back, Germ. Come back. He's doing well in school, got a dog and friends -- everything Elena wants for him -- a normal life. She hesitates as she asks if he's talked to Alaric. Germ says he hasn't and asks if everything is okay. Elena lies that it is. Her eyes well with tears as she says she just wanted to hear his voice. Germ is on his way out with his buddies, so he asks if he can call her back. Elena says sure and encourages him to go out and have fun. She says, "I just miss you." Jeremy says he misses her too, but I bet he doesn't, because he was compelled to not even bother thinking about Mystic Falls. I keep waiting for the camera to zoom out and reveal Jeremy's got a weapon bag, or body parts or something in his room, but our last shot in this scene is on poor Elena's face. Still, I kind of want to choke her for not being straight with Jeremy about the ring.

Damon returns to Mossy Manse where he finds Stefan drinking (alcohol, not blood). Wait, who is babysitting Alaric? Who is his house-arrest jailer? Ugh, Show! Damon teases Stefan about hitting the hootch so early in the day. Stefan says he's just having a little toast to self-control. Damon's happy if Stefan is happy. He's also happy, because of a little thing he took from Alaric's place. He unwraps it. It's the Wickery Bridge sign, made of Son of White Oak.

Stefan: They think all the wood burned.

Damon: I sold my rage. Whew. You should have seen me.

Stefan: We have a weapon.

Damon: Game's back on, Brother. Let's go kill some Originals.

I'm not sorry to put this story to bed, but again, I think the Alaric story was compelling. I'll be back with coverage of "The Murder Of One." In the meantime, please grade the episode up top and join us in the forum, where I promise I won't choke anyone.

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