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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

Back at the ambiguous event, Damon finds Rebekah and tells her she's sexy when she's bitchy. She's still miffed that Damon dismissed her after she helped him get Stefan to feed. They have a back and forth about whether Rebekah enjoys him when he's mean. He invites her back to Mossy manse for drinks with Sage.

Rebekah: No way in Hell.

Damon: You know what they say. Two's company; three's a party.

Damon eye-things at Rebekah, leans in way too close to put his glass of lemonade on the table, lets his hand brush her hip and then whispers in her ear that he hopes she enjoys her day. When Damon leaves, we can already tell insecure, needy Rebekah is wavering, because she is the eternal teenager. I already want to choke her, but it's too early for that.

Back at Abby's, Caroline finds Jamie chopping wood. He's antsy because he knows Care Bear is a vampire. Oh Jamie, you silly, pretty man. Caroline is infinitely more likable now that she's a blood sucking fiend. On the other hand, Jamie is ignoring Abby because she's a vampire, and I really wish I could ignore Abby, too. Caroline, being far too awesome to comprehend how badly Abby is going to suck by episode's end, gives Jamie a righteous lecture about how Abby needs to feel connected to the people she loves, and ends it by telling him to get over himself.

Elena calls Caroline and tells her Bonnie is still avoiding her calls. Caroline reminds Elena that Bonnie is still hurting. Elena completely understands, but something awful is happening to Ric and she's hoping Bonnie can help.

Over at Gilbert Gables, Alaric and Meredith go through her huge Alaric file. He explains his past fights, but they never do get into why Isobel swore out two restraining orders against him while they were still dating. I really think that's a missed opportunity, Show. In the forum, ElectricBoogalo reminds us that when Alaric first came to town, Sheriff Forbes did a background check on him, and his record was clean. I don't know if there's a public school in the U.S. that doesn't do employee background checks. I can't remember Liz doing the check, but I have no doubt it happened. It's just a little retcon, but it itches because since the ring is the psycho-making thing, why is there the need to give Alaric this violent record? I mean, are we to believe that buttoned-up Samantha Gilbert was violent before she got the protect-o ring? Since this is residue from last week's convolution celebration, I'll let it go and get on with the weecap. Sorry for the digression.

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