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Pining For A White Oak Bridge Over the Fjord

Alaric explains away most of his violent episodes as youthful indiscretions committed against people who earned their beatings. He says becoming a vampire hunter was the way in which he dealt with his dark side. He then confesses that he's the slayer who slayed her cousin, vampire Logan "Scum" Fell. Meredith says she uses vampires for their healing blood, but otherwise stays out of the vampire fight.

Meredith: Although, I have kind of been wondering why you never drew a stake through Damon's heart.

Alaric: Ahaha! I tried once. He killed me. Yeah. Yeah, figures. The thing that started all this ring stuff was me being angry enough to think I could take on a vampire, in the first place.

Meredith holds Ric's hand in hers. He winces in the face of her compassion. The scene is over, but I just have one thing to say: Alaric and Damon have been somewhat on the outs since the last time Damon killed Ric. To me, it's wrong that he's not angrier at Damon during this episode. Yes, the ring has possessed Alaric or whatever, but it seems to me part of the mythology behind that is because Ric has "died" so many times. Most of those times have been Damon's fault, right? You know I love our Evil Pixie Monster, but now that we're here in the story, Alaric's earlier anger toward Damon seems premature.

Okay, it's nighttime at Mossy Manse. Damon finds Stefan in the basement, bingeing on blood bags. He again preaches control. Stefan asks what Damon said to Elena that morning. Damon plays psychologist and decides Stefan is stress-eating to sublimate his feelings. He says he and Elena deserve each other. Stefan repeats his question. Damon gives it to him straight.

Damon: I told her what she already knows. You're a vampire, you drink human blood and to get over it -- which is the same thing I'm telling you. Own it. Live it. Love it. Stop being ashamed of who you are.

Stefan: Do me a favor, Damon? Next time you talk to Elena, keep me out of it.

Damon: Gladly. Now, unless you're interested in a Sage-Rebekah sex sandwich, I suggest you make yourself scarce.

Bonnie is cooking in Abby's kitchen when Jamie enters the house. Bonnie teases him about not knowing who he is (because he's been avoiding Abby). Jamie counters that he's the guy out back, who is in no way related to her. Oh a little flirting for Bonnie. I would get excited about that, but come on, how long 'til he's killed or otherwise written off. Bonnie never gets to be anything but the deus ex machina. Jamie admits that Caroline's lecture got to him, and that Abby's always been there for him. Abby comes in as he's setting to build a fire. She's so happy to see him. He apologizes for his earlier attitude. They hug, but then she gets a whiff of his delicious smelling neck. She vamps out and sinks her fangs into his flesh. Bonnie has to give her a mystical migraine to get her off Jamie. Shocked to her senses, Abby realizes what she's done. Don't even freak, Abby. You're going to suck way harder than that by the end of the hour.

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