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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Upstairs, Damon is going through old photographs, while Elena pouts on the edge of the bed. "How much longer am I supposed to sit here?" Damon: "Well, I'm not big on goal setting, but let's just imagine a time when you don't want to kill your best friend." Elena blinks. "Are you judging me? How many times have you tried to kill Stefan?" Damon gives her a wry look and then turns his attention back to the photo he's holding. It features him and Will in a classic buddy pose. When Elena asks what he's looking at, Damon says, "One of life's many mysteries."

Damon puts down the photo and says, "Elena..." but she stops him. "Don't. Every time someone starts with 'Elena,' I get some stupid lecture. Everyone needs to stop telling me that I need to feel. I do feel, Damon. I feel amazing." Damon: "You don't want to be like this." Elena: "Then how should I be? Should I go back to being the scared little girl who couldn't admit what she wants? Is that how you'd prefer me to go back to being, or... Look. For the longest time, you wanted to be with me, but you were scared that I'd find out how awful you are, but it doesn't matter anymore because I don't care. Be honest. You like me better like this." Damon looks at her, and maybe gives the slightest nod, but I think he's realizing exactly the opposite. We cut to the...

Lockwood Mansion. When Caroline tries to walk in the open front door, she's stopped by an invisible barrier because guess who owns the house now? Matt! He looks at the paper he's holding and once the reality hits him, Matt says, "Come in." Tyler sent Matt a package in the mail. Included in it was a letter from Tyler, which reads: Dear Care, I miss you more than I can put into words, but as long as Klaus is alive, I can't come home. He won't stop trying to kill me and you won't stop trying to protect me, which means the only way to make sure you're safe is for me to go and never come back. I left Matt the deed to the house. It will protect you in ways I can't anymore. I will always love you.

Caroline's voice is choked with tears. "He's not coming back." When she starts to sob, Matt takes her in his arms and holds her. And darn you forumites, you're right. He does look creepy there. The thing is, he still has to be Matt, or the invite wouldn't have worked, right. But I'm wondering if spooky Silas-Shane and Crazy Bonnie did something to my Pudding Pop! We cut to...

Klaus Haus. As Hayley dresses, Klaus spots a birthmark on her right shoulder. It looks a bit like a crescent moon. Klaus says, "In my considerable lifetime, I've only seen that mark on a handful of others -- all from the same bloodline. A werewolf clan that once thrived throughout what we now call Louisiana." Hayley rises. "Don't lie to me. Not about this." Klaus smirks. "I wouldn't dare. Matters of family are sacred." Hayley says, "Tell me?"

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