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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Caroline walks in the bedroom, in a pink robe. Oh, is she shacking up with Stefan because that might be fun. They can trade bossy pants and have Sanctimonious Stare-Offs. No such luck. Interim Mayor Dad, as you'll recall, has spiked the water supply with vervain. It seems Mossy Manse has a fancy water filter, so Caroline is only there for hygienic reasons. I hate the show so much for including this detail. I would have been perfectly willing to accept that the vervain spiked water had been used up, or diluted by rainfall, or something. The mention of the water filter makes a person wonder where Stefan got the vervain spiked water he left for Damon, back in "A View To A Kill." Whatever. Caroline, of course has to weigh in on how to run Elena's life, and she's onboard with the school plan. When she mentions that Sheriff Forbes could use some help, they decide Caroline will take Elena to school, while Stefan goes to see the Sheriff, and Damon goes on a Katherine hunt.

Elena walks into the room, dripping wet and nekkid, and says, "Sounds like fun," so she must not have been listening to the school part of the plan. After gang gets a good eyeful of her, Elena says, "What? It's nothing you guys haven't seen before," then finally wraps a towel around herself. This is the Elena I've been waiting to see since she first turned. I don't mean that in a nude way. I mean it in a 'tude way. Not that there's anything wrong with La Dobrev in the altogether. It's just that I've got some years on her, have had three kids, and seeing as I'm a Celt in Boston, in March, I'm so white that paste feels tan, so her youthful, tan, toned form makes me want to cry.

I swear there's a flicker of appreciation in Damon's eye, and I'm choosing to believe Elena's chutzpah is what puts it there. Were the situation reversed, he'd have absolutely walked into that room unapologetically naked. Still when Stefan gives him the old ahem, Damon invokes the sire bond and tells Elena it will make him happy if she goes to school, studies hard, gets involved in some activities, and, "...please for me, no matter what, don't eat anyone." Elena nods in agreement, but I think the slightest smile plays at the corner of her lips. We cut to...

MFHS. Elena walks to the bulletin board and looks at a flyer for a Memorial in honor of the Germ. She stares at it for a moment and then rips it down. Next she turns her attention to a flyer for the Mystic Falls Cheerleading Invitational, and rips that down for good measure.

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