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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

MFHS Cheerleading Invitational. I know, in the recaplet, I said there was no Event O' the Week. What I meant by that was a big, town wide Founders' type deal, but I guess this qualifies. Elena sizes up the competition. The people on the boards have a lot of cheerleading-related beefs with this episode. My daughter cheers, so I know they're right. Elena would never be allowed in a competition at the last minute, etc., but I just can't care. While Caroline chats her ear off, Elena sizes up her victim and follows the visiting cheerleader out to her bus, has herself a little after school snack, and takes her hair ribbon. Commercial.

After the break, Elena is wearing the blue ribbon, which clashes with her maroon uniform. Caroline asks her about it, but when she sees the victim with a scarf wrapped around her neck, Caroline knows what's going on. She scolds Elena about ignoring her sire's instruction not to feed on anybody and then Elena says the best thing she's said all season. "Who cares? I'll do whatever I want." Stefan comes over and asks if everything is all right. Elena: "Yeah. As soon as the queen backs off, everything will be fine." After Elena swans off, Caroline spells out what just happened for those of us who have already tuned out. "Remember when Damon sired her to behave? It didn't really work." We cut to the...

Truck Stop. Damon is on the phone with Stefan who is tattling that Elena fed. They confirm the suspicions I've had since "Stand By Me." Since the sire bond is caused by Elena's feelings for Damon, since she's shut off her humanity, she has negated the bond. Hip hip hooray! Damon: "All I wanted was to break that damn bond. You're telling me now, this whole time, all she had to do was turn it off? What happens if she turns it back on?" Stefan doesn't know, he just wants to know where Damon is, so Damon tells him how he's looking for a vampire that might lead to Katherine.

After the call is ended, Damon looks around, but instead of Will, he finds Rebekah, who informs him Shane is dead. She's looking for Katherine and she wants Damon's help. She figures he'll cooperate, because she was smart enough to bring along a vial of Klaus's blood, which, you'll recall, can heal the vampire from a wolf bite. Finally, someone has the brains to save some of Klaus's blood. Of course, it makes little sense that Klaus would ever willingly give anyone his blood, but maybe he's sent Rebekah down to check on Damon. With a sneer, Damon agrees to this new alliance. We cut to...

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