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This Is Better Than Mourning, How?

Klaus Haus. Klaus wines and dines Hayley and then asks for information on Katerina. Hayley plays dumb. Klaus wonders what Kiki promised Hayley. It seems Katherine found Hayley in New Orleans and told her she can help her find her biological family. Klaus tells Hayley he's the only one who can protect her. He'll do so, provided she cooperates. We cut to...

MFHS. Stefan finds Elena stretching by the lockers. When he says they need to talk, she stretches a long leg up onto his shoulder. Awkward. He asks if she fed on the cheerleader, and when Elena only will answer, "Maybe," he asks if she's behind the hospital's missing blood supply. Elena continues to stretch, as she assures Stefan she's sick of blood bags. Stefan tries to equate his early days of vampirism to Elena's current situation. "Look, Elena, I know what you're going through. I was having the time of my life when I first turned, too. I didn't start ripping people's heads off until 1912. The next thing I know, I was killing an entire village." Elena has not a single shit to give, but Stefan continues to coach her. Elena thinks this new her could be a better version and head off to the gym.

Caroline confronts Elena and tells her there's no way she's not cheering, but instead of saying, "Bring it on," Elena just tells her to try and stop her. I feel so ripped off. During their routine, it seems that Caroline is a flyer (a cheerleader who gets tossed in the air, and she's way too tall for that position), while Elena is one of the bases (someone who tosses and catches the flyer). The girls toss Caroline in the air, but as she starts to come back down, Elena steps back and folds her arms across her chest. Caroline falls to the floor and glares up at Elena. Stefan did not miss her antics and gives Elena a concerned and disappointed look. I believe Elena's eyes say, "Suck it." Commercial.

Outside the school, Stefan exposits about how impressed he is by Elena's plan to rejoin the squad, so she could feed on out-of-town vervain-free cheerleaders. One they've reached his motorcycle, Stefan tells Elena she's got to pick more private spots for her fun, and that he knows of a dive bar where she can feed. He tosses her a helmet, and as she catches it, he Stealth-Salvatores at her and injects her with vervain, " take the edge off." I wonder if Stefan had treated Elena like she deserves any agency, and had actually taken her to that dive bar, if she would have acted differently, but alas, we'll never know. We cut to...

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