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The Mean Reds

Jamie: "Fine, whatever. How do we spin this? I know how we spin this. We say you are on depression medications just like everyone else in your entire generation..."
Gwen: "-- No! This reflects poorly on all of us. Especially me."
Jamie: "I have to go cry now."

It is very sad! Jamie anger-crying is the saddest. Jamie with the Mean Reds.

Darren: "Gwen, I just want you to know that I wasn't planning on killing myself when I went down to that bridge. Shit just went sideways on me. You see, I took you to that same bed and breakfast where I'd proposed to my dead wife, on the anniversary of it..."
Gwen: "Gross, stop talking. But seriously? Don't apologize. Everybody gets the Mean Reds sometimes. You think I haven't contemplated suicide? Have you missed like half the faces I make?"
Darren: "Wait, depression and grief are normal feelings? They're not this huge deal that I was so paranoid about that the whole first season of this show was basically a wash? Hang on, because I have an idea."


One child is dressed as a ninja, the other as a pirate. God, these people are the fuckin' worst.

Stan: "Yeah, so that was a fun surprise house I was going to buy for Rosie so that she would know what it's like to have a backyard instead of a gross rooftop for all of her dreams."
Terry: "That's so cool! Michael Ames and I were also looking for a house to have together. In my imagination."

Stan: "That's so sad when you say shit like that. Anyway, sell the house or whatever, wait for Mitch who is never coming home and then sell it. But until something else happens, you are the boys' parents, okay?"
Terry: "But I'm just a crazy hooker!"
Stan: "Well, don't get them into prostitution, okay? But yeah, anyway I have to go kill yet more people for no reason at all. I have every reason to think that this murder will set my nonexistent debts straight."
Terry: "Yes. Janek seems nothing if not trustworthy. I'm sure this time will be the time."
Stan: "And you can take them trick-or-treating if you want to. My plan is still pretty hazy but I'm thinking I won't care what happens to them, pretty soon."
Terry: "YOLO. Just like Otis, who lives in the moment."
Tommy: "For the nonce."


Nicole, hissing: "So did you find anything?"

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The Killing




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