The Killing

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The Mean Reds

Linden: "No. Guess I'm just a crazy person pretending to be a cop."
Nicole: "I would say you wasted my time, except being horrible is my favorite thing. Bye!"


Holder: "That sucks that it's all over. This Killing."
Linden: "No. I found this key-card. I did not allow my flat affect to waver as I secreted it on my person. Former Partner, I dissembled."
Holder: "The key-card. That you stole from a federal investigation and is also inadmissible?"
Linden: "Former Partner, I am irrepressible. You know this of me."

She holds it up to the elevator camera like a middle finger, smiling so brightly and beautifully it nearly hurts to look at.


Roberta: "Hey, look at this video of Linden finding that City Hall key-card."
Nicole: "Hey, look at this fist of me beating your face in and then slamming your entire body in a doorway over and over until you are a bowl full of jelly that was once a woman."

Was that part amazing? Dear One, it was the amazingest.

Nicole, To A Mysterious Interlocutor: "So Linden found your key-card somehow. I think she literally tore up the floorboards with her teeth."
Mysterious Interlocutor: "Sounds like a case of the Mean Reds."
Nicole: "That is racist."

But who is she talking to? Maybe the next person we see -- after Stan swings by Nowack's house -- but also maybe anybody else on this entire show, or a person we have never seen before, or to herself in the future, like Robert Blake in Lost Highway. Never forget the show you are watching.

Mayor: "Argh! I am mad about that! Or maybe something else!"
Carlson: "What can I do for you today, Mayor Lesley?"
Mayor: "It is this darn Sarah Linden!"
Carlson: "Please leave me alone about her. She gives me the agita. I dream of those dignified, whirling loonybird eyeballs all night and much of the day. Seeking, always seeking. Seeing more than mortals ken. The stories dust tells. The skull beneath the skin. Her x-ray eyes dominate, illuminate, irradiate, immolate. One glance and you are undone, down to the sticks and lights and moss of you."
Mayor: "What if I made you Deputy Commissioner?"
Carlson: "Okay, now you're talking. But I fired her, and chased her all around, and the Indians put her in Crazy Jail, and she lives in her car. What the fuck else do you want me to do to her?"

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The Killing




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