The Killing

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The Mean Reds

Ben Abani: "Arrest her for pretending to be a police officer?"
Carlson: "That's... Totally valid, actually. She's been doing that as long as this show has been on the air."


Stan follows Nowack in his Volvo to a place. He is a big guy, but then so is Stan. Out comes a giant shiny gun, and Stan -- I'd imagine -- is like, "Wait, what am I even doing. I need a recap of this recap."

Meanwhile, Sarah has noted a tail car, and after a few turns decides to alert Stephen to this fact. They play with his police scanner for awhile until they find the radio telling the story of what is happening to them as it is happening to them. What will they do? Run a red light, obviously, causing a thirty-car pileup, and grinning the whole time, and flee directly to City Hall. Does it work or help in any way? No, huh uh, because the cops are tracing Sarah's phone all of a sudden. Carlson runs to intercept them...

As Stan is taking advantage of Nowack's poor-people car problems to sneak up with a gun. He hesitates because there's a baby in the backseat, but in the end he just smashes Nowack's head around and tells him that Janek's onto him and that he needs to leave Seattle immediately. It is a friendly message, delivered in decidedly unfriendly fashion...

Just as Alexi is, for his part, taking Janek himself off the board. Janek feels the gun against his head and starts apologizing to Stan, but of course it is not Stan holding the gun. It's Alexi holding the gun; it's Ogi Jun that pulls the trigger.


Darren: "One more day! Can you believe it's not raining in Seattle? Hold for laughter. You guys, we are about to take Mayor Adams out at the knees, so thanks for standing with me."

Carlson: "You guys, this is getting ridiculous. I'm reduced to literally blocking your way into City Hall with my own personal body."
Holder: "How can one guy so cute be so useless? Listen, you've got so many units on us that I hope an old lady gets robbed and you look foolish. That would serve you. Although admittedly not the old lady."
Carlson: "I still think I'm doing the right thing, though. And I am tired of your drama, missy."
Holder & Linden: "Think about the election and how Adams is all about horrible Chief Nicole, while Richmond keeps helping us fight her. Think about how Richmond, should he win -- and he honestly should, he is a pretty great guy -- and how the first thing he's going to do is get rid of Adams's buttmonkeys. Are you a buttmonkey?"

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The Killing




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