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One Hell Of A Reunion

...and continues into the next scene, as Veronica enters a school and VMVO goes on that she could be thrilled that GG Logan is so great. "Or, I can be me." Heh. She knocks on a classroom door that has a nameplate inscribed with "Mr. Stone," and a very cute guy who looks to be in his early twenties answers. Veronica quickly ascertains that this is the real Mr. Stone. I wonder what she would have said if GG Logan had answered the door, but I guess she would have crossed that awkward if she'd come to it. Anyway, Veronica claims to have made a mistake, and after the real Charlie shuts the door, she considers her next move into the last commercial break.

The Logans are on their surfboards in shallow water, and our Logan is telling GG Logan about how when he was nine, he peeked early at a Christmas present, and as punishment, Haaron told him he had to eat all twelve pears in the fruit basket therein before he could open another gift. He himself refers to the way he ate the pears as "dainty," and I wish he'd make it a little harder for me to find fey references to associate with him, as it's really not much of a challenge. Haaron freaked at Logan's, well, daintiness, and started shoving the pears down his throat. Well, it's good he started him practicing at an early age. See what I mean? Haaron didn't stop until Lynn held a cheese knife to his throat, and if she was getting in a subtle dig at Haaron's acting ability in addition to saving herself from having to do the Heimlich Maneuver, I applaud her.

Cut to the two boys (okay, Czuchry's almost thirty, but he doesn't look it) walking away from the water, boards under their arms and wetsuits opened to the waist. They reach Veronica, who greets them with a sunny "Hi, Logan! Hi, Norman Phipps!" Turns out GG Logan is actually a Vanity Fair reporter doing a story on the Echolls family. Also, wow. GG Logan has one pretty scorching body. Graydon Carter must not kid around with the staff gym memberships. Anyway, GG Logan, having been outed, makes a prickish comment, prompting our Logan to deck him. Veronica apologizes and says that she should have stayed out of the whole mess, which I don't really see in this particular case, but Logan looks at her wordlessly and walks away. Our Logan should do something mean for revenge, like moving to Yale and stealing Rory away. And if the thought of that pairing doesn't make you giggle hysterically, there's no help for you.

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