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One Hell Of A Reunion

In some campus building, Parker finds Veronica and faux-cheerily tells her that the Pi Sigs were absolved because of her help, and asks how she can live with herself. Veronica, in a more measured tone than I would have expected: "You want to nail someone to the wall just to have someone nailed there, or do you want the person responsible to pay?" Can I think about it? Parker looks slightly chastened, and Veronica leaves.

Sometime later, Veronica is walking across campus when Logan catches her and forces a Big Lebowski reference out of her. Logan's in a good mood, as he ended up going on Larry King and giving him the scoop on Charlie because he figured Charlie served him up to GG Logan. Veronica points out that they don't know that for sure, but Logan dismisses that, and thanks her for digging, as her efforts "officially erased any and all romantic notions about my family." No offense, Logan, but it's nice of you to catch up. Logan then asks Veronica to find Norman, because Logan gave him a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather. I can see where he'd want that back -- it would probably buy his suite for at least four more nights. Hey, we all go through our tough times.

Veronica knocks on an apartment door, and GG Logan, whom Veronica addresses as "Fake Charlie," opens it. Veronica pushes her way in, and after some exposition that his story got dropped once the Larry King thing happened, which was our Logan's plan, Veronica demands the watch. GG Logan then tells her that our Logan got one thing wrong -- he tracked the real Charlie down, but he wanted to remain anonymous, so he tapped Charlie's phone. Veronica closes her eyes, knowing that this is going to be tougher for our Logan to swallow even than a dozen pears at once. Also, a lot of people thought it made no sense that GG Logan was tapping Charlie's phone in anticipation of Logan calling. I actually think he was tapping Charlie's phone in hopes that Charlie would call Logan, or at least would call someone else that would give him more information on the story. After all, even if Charlie told him he had never met Logan, it's not like he was likely to believe him. Also, given that GG Logan was willing to engage in illegal wiretapping, I don't find it difficult to believe that he was able to do what was necessary to track Charlie down, given what we saw Veronica do.

Logan is holding the pocket watch as Veronica is in medias "please don't hate the messenger" speech. "Never Lonely Alone" by Space Needle plays throughout this scene, and the haunting faux-cheery melody combined with the cruel irony of the lyrics applied to Logan's situation makes it the most outstanding musical choice in recent memory. Logan emotionally notes how quick he was to believe the worst of Charlie, which is of course an example of the exquisite cruelty of life that this show at its best does so well. Logan goes on that he's never had a relationship like the one Veronica and Keith have. Some people on the boards have expressed impatience that Logan is allegedly mopey and boring this season. I have to confess that I don't see that one bit. Sure, there was a little manufactured angst last episode, but this is the first example of real sadness from him that I've seen in a while. Keep in mind that we haven't seen any expression of grief from him over the fact that he's now an orphan, so I think, given that his own worldview caused him to unwittingly sabotage something he unconsciously wanted so much -- familial connection -- we shouldn't begrudge him a few delayed-reaction tears here. As for being boring, I think it only seems that way, simply because he's not as much of a dick. Basically, he's starting on a journey to becoming far less self-involved, which actually makes him more interesting to me, not less. Anyway, Veronica, who knows something about the perils of not giving people the benefit of the doubt, tells him he couldn't have known. Logan expresses his doubts that that will matter to Charlie...

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