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One Hell Of A Reunion

Veronica directs a non-speaking extra somewhere, and then a speaking extra appears, whom you might know by the name of "Wallace." He shows her Nish's FreePress article, which accuses the Pi Sigs of being the common thread in the campus rapes, and mentions that Claire was at the Pi Sigs' "Haunted House" the night she was raped. Veronica expresses her doubts as to both Nish's and the Pi Sigs' credibility, and Percy Daggs then goes to cash the easiest check he's ever earned.

Chez Mars. Keith steps out of his apartment to ask a lurking dude if he can help him. It's an apt question, given that it's Dick. He asks after Veronica, and says it's freaky -- he's been in the complex before, because his family had to pick up their maid there once. Perhaps the Neptune Grand needed extra help cleaning up its parking lot back in May. Keith reluctantly lets Dick in, who shows genuine enthusiasm for their 'little kitchen area." Hee. They sarcastically banter a bit, and I've already expressed my disbelief that Veronica could be quite so chummy with Dick, but it looks like we're stuck with it, and besides, I could see Veronica's curiosity as to why Dick would possibly be visiting her getting the better of her. You have to admit it's a bit unexpected.

Keith leaves, and Dick gets to the point: because of Nish's article, there's a hearing scheduled to get the Pi Sigs kicked off campus, so the frat wants to hire Veronica to get them off, because they "were really impressed with how [she] cleared them of the rape last year." Um, what? Veronica cleared Icetwin of the rape. All she cleared the Pi Sigs of was sports and parties, and I've never been in a frat, but I still think I'd find that hard to forgive. Maybe Dick is just spinning here, and again, I can see where that would make sense. If you believe that that the punishment of no parties for the rest of last year stuck, though, it is interesting to consider that the rapes didn't start again until the parties did as well. Anyway, Dick's position is that the frats wouldn't do that: "Why rape the cow when you're swimming in free milk?" It's the rare sentence that manages to be offensive, amusing, and nonsensical all at once. Or so you'd think if you hadn't spent a lot of time with Dick here. Veronica's about to toss Dick out on his fratty ass until she visibly has a thought, and informs Dick that she'll need full access to the frat and all information about the Haunted House night, and that her fee is fifteen hundred up front. Dick asks if that's really what the Marses make per case, and he makes me giggle hysterically by looking around at the décor as he asks the question. Hee. Although they might be able to decorate a little richer if it weren't for the thieving mothers and guilt-inspired automobile purchases. Anyway, Dick agrees to her fee and bails as VMVO gloats about being invited into "the belly of the beast." A particularly fitting metaphor, given how the frat house is likely to smell.

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