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One Hell Of A Reunion

Keith is staking out some sparsely populated parking lot at night. He calls Harmony, and she jokingly speculates about what her husband's chippie looks like. They have way too cheerful and friendly a conversation, and Harmony tells Keith that if the woman's blonde, he owes her a beer. Harmony, I'm not sure if you're putting on a brave face, or paving the way to ask Keith out. But you should know that Keith and beer equals tears and broken dreams. Hey, I can do math, too. Keith hangs up with Harmony, and just then a car pulls up and drops Harmony's husband off (Keith is kind enough to show us a photo of him so we're not lost here). Keith jots down the license number, and then a bespectacled brunette gets out. Keith looks bummed, but he's probably just thirsty.

Chez Mars. Keith enters the kitchen and tells Veronica that his accountant should be finished reviewing Logan's files that afternoon. Noting Veronica's rather conservative attire, he asks if she's going to a Junior League meeting. Veronica: "Bland is the new hot." I think Heather and Jessica have become more and more inclined to agree with that statement. Keith wonders whether it's possible that Logan's spending habits are possibly to blame for his current predicament. Veronica: "One solid gold foosball table and a couple of manservants and suddenly he's spendy." Even when the master is underage, Veronica, they're still referred to as "houseboys." Veronica notes that Keith is smelling a bit more, shall we say, fragrant than usual, and Keith explains that he's got traffic court. Veronica: "Sexy traffic court?" Now that's a line delivery. Keith comes back with a comment about Veronica's dowdy shoes, and bails before his daughter wins the scene by an even wider margin.

Mars Investigations. Harmony rushes in with a pizza box, telling Keith that she's only got twenty minutes, so she brought lunch. I don't mind the update to the typical scenario with the reversal of gender, but to do this right, you can't leave out the bamp chicka wow wow music. Keith informs Harmony that the woman with whom he saw her husband is named "Carly Hern," and Harmony's shocked, because Carly and her husband are business associates, and her husband once told her that Carly's "the smartest woman he's ever met." If he thought that was a good thing to say to his wife, I don't think his own intelligence is even in the same ballpark. Keith tells Harmony that it's possible it was just business, and Harmony, practically giggling, says that she's having "such a weird reaction" to the news. "Reaction" is a good word here, because if she, say, mixed booze and allergy medication before coming over here, it would go a long way toward explaining her behavior. Seriously, what is wrong with this woman? She explains that she's "relieved and impressed" that the woman in question isn't a young bimbo. Okay. Keith asks her if she ever ties her husband's tie as he holds up a small microphone.

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