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One Hell Of A Reunion

Cut to some lunkhead at the frat house opening a pizza box. Heh. VMVO says that her pantsuit is a way of telling accused rapists, "Move along. Nothing to see here." Chip comes out, tells the lunkhead to save him a slice, and then does not overdo the forced sunny face in greeting Veronica. Many people on the boards are noting how good a job David Tom is doing in this role, and I completely agree with them. Veronica tells Chip that she'll need to know where each brother was at the time of the rape. Chip, perhaps slightly shiftily, asks whether she shouldn't be clearing them instead, but Veronica duhs that that's what she's doing -- she needs to know who saw what. She goes on that the last thing Claire remembered on the night of the rape, according to the newspaper article, was buying a drink in front of the Haunted House. She...willingly bought a drink from a Pi Sig stand? Even a non-alcoholic one? Not completely unbelievable, but pretty dumb. Chip tells her that the brother in question was "Charleston," but nervously says she doesn't want to talk to him, because he's an idiot. Well, Chip, I'm not sure she considers you a rocket scientist either, as her sardonic smile seems possibly to indicate.

Cut to a closeup of a Baywatch pinball game. Hee. Normal scenery for a beer-swilling frat house, or clever commentary on David Hasselhoff pulling a Lost Weekend for the bulk of 2006? You decide. Anyway, a pretty cute Asian guy is playing, and he has to explain that Charleston is actually a nickname, as his last name is "Chu." Well, he should count his blessings that they didn't call him "Ah Choo." If you're looking for reasons why Dave Chappelle finally went crazy, I think that's as good a good place to start as any. Charleston tells Veronica that he only poured flat soda into plastic cups, and just because he may have served Claire a drink doesn't mean he raped her. Veronica acidly points out that while that may be true, it does make him the most likely suspect, and when the media circus starts, 'like it did at Duke," he'll be doing the perp walk. Hey, she learned the term! However, she also calls him "Token," and while I appreciate a South Park reference as much as the next guy and I think she meant it as a dig at the fraternity, it was still perhaps ill-advised. Anyway, this causes Charleston to leave Pam and Dave and tell Veronica that once he took in five hundred bucks, he followed protocol by taking it up to Chip's room, because he was in charge of the cash. However, Chip's door was locked, so he knocked. Noises ensued, followed by a pissed-off, naked, sweaty, and out-of-breath Chip opening the door, like Charleston had caught him in... "flagrante?" Veronica supplies. Charleston, puzzled: "No. In the middle of sex." Well, so much for the idea that all Asians are smart. And here critics of the show are complaining about stereotypes!

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