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One Hell Of A Reunion

In the Hearst food court, Veronica counsels Logan to "numb [his] fury with grease and fat" until she can do a little more digging. If I routinely followed that advice, I'm pretty sure I'd be a lot heavier. Catching sight of someone, she asks if he minds if she goes to put the screws to someone. Logan: "Go ahead. Screw your brains out." Heh. She kisses him on the cheek, and then he wipes off the grease with a napkin.

Veronica accosts Chip, and since he's carrying a tray, she's in a position to take note of the fact that his right hand is badly bruised. He tells her that he was working the "Boo!" room at the Haunted House, in which a bunch of frat brothers dressed up as cat burglars and yelled "Boo!" at the visitors, and when he was crouched down, one of the guys stomped on his hand. Considering how purple it is, the guy must have stomped awfully hard. Then again, given Chip's gender, age, and personality, he probably hasn't been giving his hand a whole lot of rest. Veronica then asks whom Chip was doing that night, and Chip sardonically notes that Charleston is pretty chatty. Veronica points out that if he was having traditional sweaty sex with an actual conscious person, that would take him off the hook at least for Claire's rape, but Chip tells her that the girl he was with "would never in a million years admit to it." Veronica can't believe her good fortune that he did the heavy lifting for her again on that joke. It is something to appreciate, especially when you're on deadline.

Cut to Charleston making out with an Asian girl. He breaks it off, and when he's gone, Veronica appears with a "Sad to see him go, but it's nice to watch him leave." Hee. Veronica then accuses her of being Chip's date to the Halloween bash: "I hear you went as the beast with two backs." Veronica counsels the girl to come clean, because if she doesn't, both Chip and the Pi Sigs will be in serious trouble, but the girl is not having it, and flounces off. Here's a tip, Veronica: Be nicer. It can help in situations such as these. Dick then appears and tells her that his brothers are pissed, because they think she's coming after them. Veronica notices that Dick's right hand is bruised as well, but Dick unconvincingly brushes her off and tells her that people are really starting to think the Pi Sigs are rapists (or "rapers," as he said, and okay, hee) so she should work her "pixie spy magic" and clear their names. Veronica isn't done with Dick's hand, and that's a sentence that makes me wish I'd followed the old adage, "Think twice, type once." It's invaluable in the forums. She brings up Dick's blubbery confession to Logan that he screwed up. Dick: "Whipped guys make the worst friends." He's not wrong. He stomps off, and Veronica wonders if Dick might be a rapist...

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