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One Hell Of A Reunion

...and the VMVO goes on in Veronica's room, as she muses about the possibility of there being two "rapers" in the same family, but then she leaves that question aside and goes to her whiteboard. Incidentally, I don't think Dick could be the rapist for logistical reasons alone -- he goes to Hearst while still in high school and commits two rapes, risking one of them while Veronica was on her visit, and then chooses to attend college at the scene of the crimes? Not likely, to me. Anyway, Veronica starts writing on the whiteboard and VMVO tells us that she's going to figure out where Logan's money is going. She starts working with the "Planet Zowie" search engine we've seen before, and makes a phone call to a "Ryan Douglas" about his interest in "Micardo Enterprises."

Later, Keith gets home and enters Veronica's room. He finds her staring at the whiteboard, which is now totally full. She tells Keith that she wanted to nail Kaufman, but she discovered something else. Checking out the whiteboard, Keith asks, "Who's Charlie Stone?" Veronica looks at him...

...and then she's entering Logan's suite as Logan stands on his terrace in the foreground. She tells him that the money is going to this Charlie Stone, and, already pretty sure she knows the answer, asks if he knows who he is. When she gets the expected negative, she steels herself and tells him that it's his brother. Logan looks stunned, but maybe he's thinking about what a male version of Trina would be like. If so, I can understand the chagrin.

Back on the terrace, Veronica finishes up: Haaron's business manager buried Charlie pretty deep, but then she Googled his name, and discovered that he's a teacher in San Juan Capistrano. (For those curious, "to Google" is a dictionary term now, which is why they could get away with saying it. Showing the logo is another, far more expensive story altogether.) What's more, Charlie is listed, and she hands over his number. I should say that Veronica is very sympathetic in this scene -- her implied stance is that whatever Logan chooses to do with the information is okay by her, which I think is how it should be. My only question is whether Charlie's existence would have come to light at the reading of Haaron's will, but I could certainly buy that Logan was not in attendance for that particular party. Logan wonders aloud what he should do...

...but later, Logan's made up his mind, and he calls Charlie and gets his voicemail. He does not lead with "You may remember me from such tawdry stories as appeared on The Tinseltown Diaries and The Smoking Gun." Maybe he's not a Troy McClure fan. He does leave a message, though.

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