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The most exciting 40 seconds in television are now over, and it's time to pretend-shop for furniture at the PDC. Also, Todd tells the Top Designers that he's arranged to let them use to shop for table furnishings -- that's Pour yourself another cup of Seattle's Best Coffee and head over there right now! Shoppers, away! Goil says the shopping will prove to be a major obstacle for him, as he is still trying to wrap his brain around how arts-and-crafts and mid-century modern fit together. Goil should spend more time hanging out with my wife. Instead, he's running from store to store, looking at furnishings that just aren't right. Andrea is on the case, however -- she's spotted a $3,400 six-block console, this lovely wooden structure, that fits the proscribed aesthetic to a straight-edged T. Goil, meanwhile, tries to go into a store only to discover that it's locked; he lets out one of his increasing-in-frequency Goil grunts. At Baker Knapp & Tubbs ("When you've got $40,000 of Monopoly money to spend, you've got Baker Knapp & Tubbs!"), Matt eyeballs a pair of endtables with reversible tops. "How much are these?" Matt asks, before adding, "I think I'm just going to take them." The answer to the question, by the way, is $3,642 per; the reaction to the impulse buying is that Matt is not the savviest of shoppers. Goil seems to have finally found a store at the PDC that's open, as he's spending $24,500 on a table; for that kind of scratch, the table better already come with pre-prepared food on it. Andrea adds a $2,310 mirror to her haul -- no word on whether there's a magical spirit inside dispensing beauty advice -- followed by an $8,856 rug. Quite the reversal of fortune from the garage sale episode, wouldn't you say?

The shopping continues apace, with a helpful sales imp informing Carisa that Matt's already snatched up the very chairs she's assessing. The end result: Carisa's private chef's table will be furnished with patio furniture. And then she... wait a minute? Are you telling me that the only furniture left in the entirety of the Pacific Design Center is a couple of deck chairs? Either there were restrictions on where and when these folks could shop that we weren't told about -- "You may only patronize stores with the names of Miami Vice characters" -- or the PDC's selection is not as extensive as I imagined. Or it could just be that Carisa sucks at this. "My greatest concern about using patio furniture is that Margaret Russell is going to say, 'Why did you put patio furniture in a chef's dining room that you would spend $8 million to eat at?'" For one, Carisa, that's not an entirely unreasonable question. And for two, Margaret Russell's reproachful glares are really the least of your worries at this point. Speaking of someone who's got troubles, Michael is in another showroom deliberately picking out chairs that don't match. Well, as they said to General Custer on his way to Little Big Horn, that's one way you could go.

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