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Come Sit On Santa's Lap

Phyllis tells Val she looks like a princess and not to listen to what anyone's saying. Again, not helping. Jim wanders up to a cluster of revelers that includes Andy and shows them a photo of Cece that's been vandalized to make her look even more like the devil. Oscar and Phyllis get all upset on Jim's behalf, and Andy goes so far as to say this is enough to get Dwight fired. Jim backpedals so quickly he doesn't even have time to think about the time Dwight didn't get fired for discharging a handgun in the office. "So maybe it was me who did it by accident," he says, backing away. "I'll figure it out. I'll get to the bottom of it. Merry merry!"

Dwight replaces the iPod in the conference room with his boombox and cues up exactly what I expected him to: Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Carol of the Bells," which Trash and I refer to as "Angry Christmas." His air-thrashing clears the women out of the room and triggers a musical montage of people giving each other their Secret Santa gifts, intercut with Gabe Creed, and the deaf warehouse guy joining the air-thrashing. Erin does more shots with the girls, and Henrietta snacks on cheese on a table. "YEAHH! CHRISTMAS!" Dwight screams.

Jim finds Andy sitting alone in the kitchen. Andy wonders if two people who aren't sleeping together can stay friends. Jim's pretty sure they can, but Andy has his doubts. The good news is that he's decided to leave Jim and Dwight's bonuses alone. "Be yourselves have fun, and try not to let it affect your work." Jim agrees, and even offer to tell Dwight for Andy, who is not at all suspicious.

Erin comes and finds Kelly in the annex wile Ryan's trying to clean the Kardashian viruses off her computer. "Game on," she says. Kelly: "On it." Out in the bullpen, Kelly walks up to the group Jessica is laughing with and asks if she just farted. "And that is how it's done," Kelly THs. About the level of subtlety we should have expected.

Erin tells Robert at the bar, "I would like another alcohol." Instead, Robert invite Erin for a walk and leaves the bar to Oscar, who immediately goes all prima donna on it. Outside, Robert bonds with Erin over their broken hearts, but has no advice to offer, what with his three acrimonious divorces. "I was hoping you were gonna me feel better," he says as he reaches for her. Oh, EW! Andy may or may not be seeing this form the conference room window. I may or may not be wishing I weren't seeing it at all, except for the "may not" part.

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